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Course schedule and offerings subject to change.
Please view course offerings on Wingspan for additional and updated courses.

      Session A: May 14-June 1     Session B: June 4-August 3          
Session C: June 4-July 3       Session D: July 9-August 8
  A ACCT 481: Accounting Internship. Session B ACCT 607: Tax Research. Session B
ANTH 201:Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. Session A ARTS 364: Digital Photography. Session D ATRN 302: Clinical Experience in Athletic Training: Session A   B BADM 400: International Field Experience. Session A
BADM 402: Financial Markets Seminar. Session A
BADM 491: Internship in General Business. Session B
BADM 492: Internship in International Business. Session B
BADM 600: International Field Experience. Session A
BADM 602: Financial Markets Seminar. Session A
BADM 694: Internship in Business Administration. Session B BIOL 151: Investigations into Living Systems. Session C
BIOL 203: Principles of Biology. Session D
BIOL 204: Principles of Biology. Session D
BIOL 206: General Zoology. Session D
BIOL 213: Anatomy and Physiology. Session C
BIOL 214: Anatomy and Physiology. Session D
BIOL 307: Human Anatomy. Session C
BIOL 511: Ornithology. Session A

CHEM 106: General Chemistry II. Session B
CHEM 301: Organic Chemistry I. Session B
CHEM 310: Essentials of Organic Chemistry. Session B CRTW 201: Critical Reading, Thinking, & Writing. Session C
CSCI 491: Internship in Computer Science. Session B
CSDV 601: Counseling Theories. Session B
CSDV 602: Counseling Skills. Session B
CSDV 607: Appraisal of the Individual. Session B
CSDV 610/ 612B: Counseling Practicum. Session B
CSDV 614: Lifespan Development Counseling. Session B
CSDV 620: Clinical Psychopathology in Counseling. Session B   E
ECON 491: Internship in Economics. Session B
ECON 680: Managerial Economics. Session B
EDUC 200: Development Sciences and the Context of Poverty. Session C
EDUC 640: Educational Research Design and Analysis. Session B
EDUC 660: Effective Teaching and Management Strategies. Session C
EDLD 604: Principalship for the 21st Century. Session B
EDLD 611: School Law. Session B
EDLD 613: Preparing Leaders to Serve Students with Special Needs. Session B
EDLD 621: Internship I. Session B
ENTR 491: Internship in Entrepreneurship. Session B
ENVS 351: Field Studies in the Environment. Session D
EXSC 465: Strength and Conditioning. Session A

F FINC 512: Investments. Session B
FREN 101: Elementary French I. Session C
FREN 102: Elementary French II. Session D   G
GEOG 101: Human Geography.Session: C
GEOG 101: Human Geography. Session: D   H
HLTH 300: Personal and Community Health. Session: A HLTH 506: Human Sexuality. Session C
HCMT 491: Health Care Management Internship. Session B
HIST 550: The Kennedy Years. Session D
HDFS 502: Family Resource Management. Session A
HDFS 595: Internship in Human Development and Family Studies. Session B
HMXP102: The Human Experience:Who Am I? Session B
M MATH 150: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics. Session A
MATH 151:Applied College Algebra. Session A
MGMT 491: Internship in Management. Session B
MGMT 683: Sustainable Operations. Session B
MGMT 684: Strategic and International Issues in Management. Session B
MKTG 491: Internship in Marketing. Session B
MATH 141: Finite Probability and Statistics. Session A MUST 112: Music Theory II. Session A.
MUST 114: Aural Skills II. Session J. 
MUST 433: Instrument Repair. Session D
MUST 633: Advanced Choral Techniques. Session D

Return to top   N NUTR 600: Seminar in Food and Nutrition. Session A
NUTR 601: Readings in Human Nutrition. Session A
NUTR 627: Recent Developments in Nutrition and Dietetics. Session A   P PESH 101: Fitness Walking. Session A
PESH 102: Weight Training. Session C
PESH 105: Yoga. Session C
PESH 142: Beginning Tennis. Session A
PESH 201: First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Session A
PHYS 253: Astronomy. Session B
PSYC 301: Statistics. Session A
PSYC 302: Research Methods in Psychology. Session C
PSYC 303: Ethics in Psychological Research. Session C Q QMTH 680: Statistical Methods and Business Research. Session D   S SCWK 603: Social Work Foundation Review. Session A
SCWK 614: Empowerment Practice Concepts. Session C
SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish. Session C/D
SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II. Session C/D
SPED 281: Introduction to Special and Gifted Education. Session A V VPAS 115: Arts Lab. Session D   W WMST 506: Human Sexuality. Session C
WRIT 311: Introduction to Tabletop RPG Writing. Session B
WRIT 465: Preparation of Oral and Written Reports. Session B/C  

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