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Success Stories

Feedback from our tutees:

  • "I really appreciate the ASC and how willing my tutor was to work with me and to help me do better in MATH150. Having a tutor session each week added responsibility to my schedule and it made me keep up with my math work and material because I knew that I had to work on it each week at a particular time. I really enjoyed my experience with the ASC and I plan to use it as a resource each semester!"
  • "I enjoyed all the sessions and my grade definitely improved and also my study habits have gotten better."
  • "ASC is an awesome program. Thank you for all of your hard work."
  • "I love that our schools all around goal is to have people achieve and without the academic success center I felt like that could not be accomplished."
  • "I will definitely be using it again next semester!"
  • "I would like the ASC to know that I truly appreciate the services they are offering students like myself and I hope they will continue to offer these services and even more in the future."
  • "If I could have my tutor for any other class I need help on, I would."
  • "Since I've been attending tutoring my grade has went from a high C to a 89 which is only a point away from an A. Thank You."
  • "You guys are very helpful and I have always felt that I am in good hands with the ASC. Thank you for everything."


Please rate your agreement with the following statement: I feel as though having an ASC tutor positively impacted my academic performance [Fall 2017: 98% of respondents strongly agreed or agreed (n=536); Spring 2018: 97% of respondents strongly agreed or agreed (n=453)].

  • Students who utilized a tutor nine or more times passed their course at a 91.5% rate in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

Last Updated: 7/13/22