Winthrop University: Academic Success Center - R.I.S.E. Peer Academic Coaching Program

A.C.E. Peer Academic Coaching Program

The A.C.E. (Achieving College Excellence) Program is a peer academic coaching program at Winthrop University.  This program pairs participants or "mentees" with an upperclassmen known as a Peer Academic Coach or PAC.  The PAC and mentee meet weekly to discuss academic success strategies such as study skills, campus resources, and goal setting.

In addition to meeting weekly with their PAC, mentees are expected to attend two academic workshops on various topics related to time management, study skills, or test taking strategies.

The program is designed for students that are:

  • Freshman or transfer students that are entering their second semester at Winthrop;
  • Have a cumulative GPA of a 2.8 or lower; and
  • Interested in receiving extra support to increase their GPA.

Interested students can use the link here to apply.

For additional information, please contact Jasmine Howze.


Last Updated: 6/13/19