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How to Receive A Tutor

Tutoring for Fall 2022 is happening now! Students can register for up to two tutoring appointments per week using the TutorTrac scheduling platform (

Please remember that all appointments are weekly & recurring. Students meet with the same tutor at the same time each week throughout the semester. Tutoring may be in an individual or small group format based upon need.

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For Fall 2022, we have tutors available for the following courses:

ARTH 175 CHEM 104 MATH 101 PSYC 101
ARTH 176 CHEM 105 MATH 111 PSYC 301
BIOL 150 ECON 103 MATH 141 QMTH 205
BIOL 214 ECON 215 MATH 150 SOCL 201
BIOL 220 ECON 216 MATH 151 SOCL 316
BIOL 221 HIST 211 PLSC 201 SPAN 101
  HIST 212    


Instructions for making tutoring appointments in TutorTrac

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to TutorTrac using your Winthrop University credentials (same username and password as for Wingspan).
  3. Click on Search Availability under Student Options.
  4. Click on the dropdown box beside Center and select ASC Tutoring.
  5. Beside Section, select your course and section number.
  6. Click on the Search button.
  7. You should now see the availabilities of all the tutors for the course you selected.
  8. Click on a time that fits your schedule. Note: The time given is the time you will be meeting with your tutor every week, so make sure there are no scheduling conflicts!
  9. In the appointment box, make sure the Center is ASC Tutoring and the subject is correct. Where is says Reason, select General Tutoring. Make sure the dates and times are correct.
  10. Enter your phone number, including the area code (ex. 8033233929). In the box marked Notes, please fill in any information you would like to share with the tutor - learning disability, repeating the course, etc.
  11. Verify all of the information you have entered and click Save.
  12. To ensure your appointment was scheduled, click on Main Menu in the top left corner. Under your Welcome! tab, you should see Upcoming Appointments, and the session you just scheduled should be there.
  13. Contact the ASC at if -
    1. You could not find a time that works with your schedule.
    2. You need assistance registering.
    3. You have questions about our resources or others on campus.
    4. You made an error and chose the wrong appointment time. Only the ASC can cancel your recurring appointment. It cannot be done through TutorTrac. You can also fill out the ASC Drop Tutor Form if you would like to cancel your appointment.


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Last Updated: 10/26/22