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Staff Conference

Standing Committees

* This is a friendly reminder that you do not need to be a part of the council to be involved in the committees.  We highly encourage any staff member to consider joining one of our many committees!  By increasing overall participation we ensure that we are better serving the interests of all.

  • Elections and Nominations:  The committee is responsible for conducting elections of staff assembly representatives when there is a vacant seat or when staff assembly representative seats have expired.

                    Assembly Representative & Staff Chair Becky Best

 Elections and Nominations committee Becky and Kamal

  • Media & Communication:  The committee gathers staff news and helps put together the monthly newsletter called Staff Stuff Newsletter.

                    Staff Chair:  Kara Naomi Cauthen

                    Assembly Representative:  Kelly McGinnis

   Media and Communications committee2

  • Professional Development:  The committee members initiate staff development opportunities.  The group looks at a wide variety of interests among staff members and looks to bring training and informational sessions to staff.

                    Staff Chair: Goldie Gildehaus

                    Assembly Representative:  Nicole Chisari

 Professional Development Conference picture

  • Campus & Community Involvement:  Committee members coordinate social, volunteer, and other activities to provide staff with opportunities to interact outside of their normal job roles.  The committee has been able to coordinate opportunities for staff to get involved with Food Truck Fridays in downtown Rock Hill, Food Drives, Pink Out Day, Cookie Exchange, as well as the City of Rock Hill's Come see Me festival in the spring.

                    Staff ChairPam Varasso

                    Assembly Representative: Amanda Hackney

 Campus and Community Involvement Group Picture

  • Recognition:  Committee Members increase awareness of the contributions that staff make to Winthrop and this group helps promote the recognition of outstanding staff.  We have staff nominations submitted to this committee each month a staff of the month winner who wins a Winthrop prize bag filled with goodies - including a parking pass near your building, and a free one month membership to the West Center.

                     Staff Chair:  Miranda Knight

                     Assembly Representative:  Jackie Concodora



  • Staff Feedback: The committee is responsible for following up on the questions/concerns that are submitted to staff assembly and are addressed at Staff Conference. The committee will monitor, conduct research and/or collect additional information on an questions/concerns if needed. This committee will keep record of all the questions that are submitted during the Q&A session at Staff Conference and the responses.

                      Staff Chair: Rachel Glover

                      Assembly Representative: Kirk McSwain



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