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Space Use

III. Special Limitations and Restrictions on Space Use

Routine maintenance, repair work, time for set-up and clean-up, and security must all be considered when planning to use space. Individual buildings and spaces which require other special considerations are listed below:

Amphitheater - Reserved through the Office of Student Activities. Before scheduling events in the amphitheater, the schedules for Byrnes Auditorium, the Barnes Recital Hall, and the Little Chapel will be checked for potential conflicts.

Please read the Winthrop University Assembly Policy

Athletic Facilities (Coliseum and adjacent playing fields) - Cleared by the Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations.  (See Section VII).

Barnes Recital Hall - Primary performance facility of the Department of Music. The Chair of the Music Department has approving authority on programs scheduled in this space. Scheduling of the Recital Hall must be coordinated with activities scheduled for the same time in Byrnes Auditorium, the Amphitheater and the Little Chapel.

Byrnes Auditorium - Used for instruction, practice and rehearsal by the Department of Music. The use of the facility for other purposes must be approved by the Chair of the Music Department. When events are scheduled in Byrnes, a restriction is placed on the facility before and after the event.  When a request for Byrnes Auditorium is initiated, Barnes Recital Hall, the Amphitheater, and the Little Chapel should be checked for conflicts.

Eagle Club Room - Used primarily by the Athletic Department and the Winthrop Eagle Club. This space is rarely available for other groups and is not available during times that the Coliseum is closed.

The Inn at Winthrop is open to faculty, staff, students, their guests, and external groups.Extended overnight accommodations (more than two weeks) are not available.

Johnson Hall Theatre - Used for instruction, practice, and rehearsal by the Department of Theatre and Dance. The Chair of the Theatre and Dance Department has final approval on the use of Johnson Hall Theatre.

Kinard Auditorium - Considered instructional space and is cleared for use through the Office of Academic Space and Scheduling. During the academic year, this space is in continual use during classroom hours and is rarely available for non-instructional use.

Little Chapel - Reserved through the Office of University Events and is primarily used for special campus ceremonies and weddings. The Little Chapel is the final resting place for Winthrop's founding president, David Bancroft Johnson and his wife, Mai Rutledge Smith Johnson. Candles are not permitted in the Little Chapel. The Little Chapel is equipped with electric heat and air conditioning.

McBryde Hall and the Tuttle Dining Room - Reserved through the Office of University Events and is used for a variety of university events. Student sponsored events, which are primarily educational in nature, but may include entertainment, are allowed (i.e., formal dances, formal banquets, jazz nights, and award ceremonies). Student organizations that receive approval for an event must adhere to the following:

  • Be responsible for cleaning parking lot(s).
  • Events must be private. "Private" refers to those events at which only Winthrop University community members and their individual guests are present.  The sponsoring organization has controlled ticket sales and no ticket sales may take place at the door.
  • Incur financial responsibility for a Student Affairs monitor and custodial services.
  • Pay a $100 deferred maintenance fee which will support the upkeep of the facility.
  • Pre and post-inspections of the facility with a Student Affairs representative is required.
  • Student groups must sign a "Rules and Regulation" form available from the Office of University Events prior to the event.
  • The advisor who is registered with the Office of Clubs and Organizations must be in attendance for the duration of the event.
  • The need for Campus Police Officers will be determined by the Student Event Approval Committee.

No event which is inconsistent with the historic nature or preservation of the building or has the likelihood of causing damage to the facility will be allowed. When a request for McBryde Hall is initiated, the Tuttle Dining Room is checked for a possible conflict. Events are not booked in both facilities simultaneously.

  • Chairs, tables, curtains and staging cannot be moved from McBryde Hall. All furniture set ups must be handled by Facilities Management.
  • Requests to create auditorium set-ups in McBryde Hall will be denied if an auditorium is available.

Glenda Pittman and Charles Jerry Owens Hall - Considered instructional space and is cleared for use through the building coordinator.  During the academic year, this space is in continual use during classroom hours and is rarely available for non-instructional use. 

Plowden Auditorium - Utilized primarily for classes and related instructional activities. However, other activities receiving approval by the Office of University Events may be scheduled in this space after the Dean of the College of Education has been consulted.

  • Due to the design of the stage, live load performances, such as bands, step shows or dancing of any kind can not be scheduled in this facility.

Recreational Facilities - See section VIII. Recreational Facilities Usage and Equipment for policies pertaining to these facilities.

Residence Halls (not apartments) will be closed following the May commencement to the opening of A session of summer school to provide for heavy cleaning and inspection. Designated residence halls will be scheduled for use by external summer groups by January of each year. All other residence halls will be closed during the summer (except one designated for summer school) for maintenance.

The use of residence halls by off-campus groups must be coordinated with the availability of the Thomson Cafeteria and large groups must not be scheduled for periods when only the Markley's at the Center is available. All residence halls are closed as of August 1 (except those buildings used for summer sessions) to prepare for fall term.

The Shack - Under the general supervision of the Department of Student Affairs and is used primarily by student organizations during the regular academic year.  Exceptions to this policy will be handled by the Assistant to the President for University Events.  All users will be provided with a post-event checklist that must be completed and returned to the Department of Student Affairs after the event.

Student Activity Center (SAC) - Under the general supervision of the Department of Student Affairs. The Office Student Activities will have responsibility for scheduling its usage.  The prime uses of the Student Activity Center (SAC) will be for recreational sports and intramural competition, Macfeat (Kindergarten/Nursery), and campus organizational events. Other uses must be reviewed by the Director of DiGiorgio Campus Center.

Thomson Cafeteria - Closes after dinner on the day of commencement in May and will not reopen until June summer school session. Thomson will close again at the end of summer school until the opening of fall semester. Thomson will also be closed at any time students are absent from the campus.

Tillman Auditorium - Considered performance space and is cleared for use through the Department of Music. Use of the balcony for seating is not permitted. 

Tillman Lobby - Scheduled through the Office of the President and is generally not available during regular business hours.

Tillman Rooms 208 - Are meeting rooms reserved through the Office of University Events.

Lois Rhame West Health, Physical Education and Wellness Center - Used for instruction, by members, and for recreational sports. Limited use of the facility by external groups is determined on a case by case basis.

Winthrop Galleries (Rutledge and Patrick exhibition spaces) - Food and drink are not allowed in the Rutledge or Patrick Galleries.

Withers/WTS Conference Room - Utilized primarily for classes and related instructional activities. However, other activities receiving approval by the Office of University Events may be scheduled in this space after consultation with the Dean of the College of Education.

All furniture must remain in the room. Hallways must be clear in order to be in compliance with fire regulations.

Space Use
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