MAAA Required Program

Course Title (Semester Hours)

Year 1
ARTA 600 Principles and Practices of Arts Administration (3)
ARTA 610 Leadership, Management, and Organizational Structure (3)
ARTA 650 Arts Administration and the Law (3)
ARTA 685 Field Based Practicum I (3)
ARTA 686 Field Based Practicum II (3)

Year 1 - Summer Institute I
ARTA 670 Policy and Advocacy (3)

Year 2
ARTA 620 Marketing the Arts (3)
ARTA 630 Financial Analysis, Budgeting, and Fiscal Management (3)
ARTA 640 Sustainability: Funding, Development, and Grants (3)
ARTA 695 Research in Arts Administration I (3)
ARTA 696 Research in Arts Administration II (3)

Year 2 - Summer Institute II
ARTA 660 Community Engagement (3)

Total Semester Hours   36

For the online MAAA program requirements, visit our curriculum page

Note: Registration for GSTC 601-603, Continuing Graduate Studies, may be required. Check with advisor.

Visit the graduate coursework descriptions webpage to view course descriptions.

Students must meet the same qualitative requirements (GPA) for retention and graduation as for the graduate educational leadership and relevant graduate arts degrees. MAAA candidates should maintain continuous enrollment in GSTC 601-603 every academic term (fall, spring, summer) from the time they complete their coursework until the semester they graduate. Registration in GSTC 601-603 provides students with all of the services and privileges of enrolled graduate students, such as use of the library, valid ID card, access to Blackboard and other online services-and most importantly-access to thesis committee members and all other university officials who must approve the thesis.