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Bookstore Bucks

If you would like to use your refund for books but your refund has not processed yet, you may request Bookstore Bucks to be charged to your student account.  Only students with a negative balance are allowed to utilize this option.

  1. You must have a physical Winthrop ID Card. If you need to obtain one, please visit IT Services in 15 Tillman Hall.
  2. Confirm that your account currently has a negative balance. You can view your balance in Wingspan under the Student tab in the Account Summary and Payment Gateway.
  3. You must have accepted the Title IV authorization.  Students who decline the authorization will not be allowed to charge Bookstore Bucks to their account as it is considered a non-institutional fee.  If you previously declined the authorization and would like to rescind your selection, you can submit a Title IV Authorization Change Form to our office and we can change it for you.
  4. Email our office at from your official Winthrop email account. Include your name, Winthrop ID number, and the amount of Bookstore Bucks that you would like charged to your student account.
    Note: The amount you request must not exceed the amount of your credit and must be in $25 increments (i.e. $400, $425, $450, etc.). Please note that Bookstore Bucks are not refundable if unused.

Once our office receives the email, we will authorize the Bookstore Bucks to be charged. You will receive an automated email when the Bookstore Bucks are authorized; however, it can take up to 24 hours for the Bookstore Bucks to be available for use in the Bookstore (longer if requested on a weekend). Charging Bookstore Bucks to your account may delay receiving your refund by 1-2 days as we must hold the funds to offset the cost of the Bookstore Bucks.


While our office has the ability to authorize the Bookstore Bucks to your account, we do not authorize refunds. If you have any questions regarding the use of the Bookstore Bucks please contact Dining Services at 803/323-2119.

Student Financial Services does not charge Café Cash to student accounts. Students are welcome to purchase Café Cash using a Credit or Debit card in Wingspan or on the Dining Services website.

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