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Risk Management
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Policy Overview

Areas of Coverage

The university purchases different types of insurance policies to adequately cover its assets. Policies are purchased through the South Carolina Insurance Reserve Fund (SCIRF) where possible.

  1. Building and Personal Property which covers campus structures, covered
    walkways, and their contents.
    Policy Number: F120090018
  2. General Tort Liability protects the university against negligent acts resulting in physical injury to campus employees, students, and visitors and damage to their property.
    Policy Number: T120090018
  3. Inland Marine covers the university’s art collection, non-university art pieces while in transit and on campus, and musical instruments stored on non-university owned premises.
    Policy Number: M120090018, M120090018A, and M120090018B
  4. Auto Liability covers damages of body, vehicle, and property caused by an accident.
    Policy Number: L120090018
  5. Auto Comprehensive and Collision comprehensive covers loss of auto or equipment except from collision or overturn and collision accept specific coverage from comprehensive to cover autos or equipment involved in a collision.
    Policy Number: C120090018
  6. Data Processing Insurance covers the university’s information technology equipment.
    Policy Number: D120090018
  7. Builders Risk covers buildings that are under construction or being renovated.
    Policy Number: R120090018
  8. Medical Professional Liability protects therapists, trainers, and other clinical workers.
    Policy Number: P120090018
  9. Crime Insurance protects the university’s funds against losses resulting from acts of theft, forgery, dishonesty, etc.
    Policy Number: 106020533
  10. Directors and Officers Liability protects the directors and officers from occurrences while acting on behalf of the university.
    Policy Number: 0202-6606
  11. MacFeat Early Childhood Laboratory protects registered full-time students enrolled in the MacFeat Early Childhood Laboratory School.
    Policy Number: 22-SR-407786
  12. Volunteer Policy covers volunteers directly and indirectly in the
    programs and services supported by the various departments on the university campus.
  13. TULIP (Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy) is designed to provide low cost general liability insurance to third party uses of university facilities. Read more information about TULIP.
  14. Field Trip Policy covers participants involved in off campus university sponsored events that are supported by the various departments on the university campus. Read more information on the Field Trip Policy.
  15. Travel Insurance for student and staff. This coverage works for both domestic and international. It covers both individuals and group travel. Visit the travel insurance website.
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