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Useful Resources...Handbooks, Forms, and More!

District Calendars (2019-2020)
Internship Calendars (updated Aug 2019) - Year-long / Internship II
Supervisor Important Dates (updated Aug 2019) - Year-long Internship / Internship II

Handbooks and Guides

Assimilating Winthrop Junior Faculty Members into the School/Classroom Community
Co-Teaching Guide
Early Clinical Handbook (updated fall 2019)
edTPA Mentor Teacher Guide
Introductory Meeting Guide
Observation Conference Guides - Pre-Conference / Post-Conference
Supervisor/Mentor Observation Requirements
Transition Plans - Year-long / Internship II
Year-long Intership Handbook (updated fall 2019)
Via Host Teacher's Guide


Emergency Contact Information (teacher candidate submits to host school office)
Field Placement Information Form (for faculty)
Improvement Contract Template (Sample Contract)
Internship I Eligibility Plan
Professional Dispositions and Skills Intervention Form and Procedures
Supervisor Travel Forms (scroll down to "Banner Forms") / School Mileage Chart

Teacher Candidate Formative Feedback for Early Clinical
Video Release Form for Teacher Education Candidates (non-edTPA semesters)


Field Experience Evaluation (previously known as "junior field") (English Education Addendum)
Long Range Plan Template / Sample (rubric integrated with Internship Evaluation)
Observation Records (updated Aug 2019) - Internship I / Internship II

Physical Education Observation Records - Internship I / Internship II

Course Syllabi

Internship I:  EDCO 401 / MAT Intern I
Internship II: EDCO 402 /
EDCO 690

Midterm and Final Evaluations

Art - Internship I / Internship II
Dance - Internship I / Internship II
Early Childhood - Internship I / Internship II
Elementary - Internship I / Internship II
English - Internship I / Internship II
Math -Internship I / Internship II
Middle Level -Internship I / Internship II
Modern Languages - Internship I / Internship II
Music - Internship I / Internship II
Physical Education - Internship I / Internship II
Science -Internship I / Internship II
Social Studies - Internship I / Internship II
Special Education - Internship I / Internship II
Theatre - Internship I / Internship II

Lesson Plan Templates
Early Childhood
Middle Level
Modern Languages
Physical Education
Secondary English
Secondary Science
Social Studies
Special Education - Co-teaching / Solo Teaching

Informational Presentations

Meet and Greet
Mentor Teacher Information (updated fall 2019)
Clinical Roundtable
Supervisor Information (updated fall 2019)

Informational Videos

Year-long Internship Overview