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    How do I obtain my required course materials from the Winthrop Bookstore?
    I’m currently not registered for any online classes. How could instruction change for me if we have to go remote again?

    Faculty had to adjust quickly to remote instruction in early 2020. Are they better prepared this spring?

    How will hearing impaired students learn if everyone has to wear masks?

    I have health concerns and cannot attend in-person classes. What are my options?

    How is Winthrop ensuring that the learning community won’t suffer because of fewer face-to-face interactions among students and faculty?

    What if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in my class? Will I have to quarantine?

    Why is tuition not discounted if we have to go online for part or all of the semester?

    What are the plans regarding cultural events and seniors graduating in Spring 2021 with cultural event credits that still need to be completed?

    Will Dacus Library be open this semester?

    Does Winthrop have some kind of virtual meeting platform I can use?

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