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Move-In Day:

IMPORTANT Fall 2019 Move-In Information

We are looking forward to your arrival on campus in August.  Please read through the information on this page carefully regarding specific move-in times and directions to campus that avoid the major Cherry Road improvement project and make for a smooth and successful move-in experience. 

On this page you will find detailed information on: 


Move-In Times:

New Students


New students move into their assigned rooms on Friday, August 16, 2019 (If you are participating in Orientation Session 5, click here for check-in information. If you are an New Honors Student click here to view move-in information).

  • If you will be residing on an odd numbered floor, your move in time will begin at 8:00 AM.
  • If you will be residing on an even numbered floor, your move-in time will begin at 11:30 AM.

If you are not sure of your room assignment or what floor you will be living on, login to Wingspan and follow the link for Eaglesnest Housing.

You may check into your assigned room any time AFTER your check-in time; however, you should plan to be fully moved in and families departed by 7:00 PM.

**All New Honors Students:

  • If you are a new Honors student, you will be able to move-in on Thursday, August 15 starting at 8:00AM.
  • For Honors students living in Courtyard, in order to access Courtyard you will need to request a Courtyard "Proxy" ID from the ID office located in McBryde.

**Wofford and Richardson Residents Arriving on Friday, August 16th ONLY: Please note that your check-in process will begin in the West Center.  You will not be able to move into your room in Wofford or Richardson unless you have already checked in at the West Center.  Follow the signage on campus.  If checking in after 3:00 PM go directly to Wofford or Richardson.

**Thomson Residents: 

  • If you are residing in a room from  x02 to x29, you will follow directions towards East Thomson.
  • If you are residing in a room from x41 to x68, you will follow directions towards West Thomson.


Students Attending Orientation Session #5 


Orientation Session 5 participants will obtain their room keys at their assigned residence hall office and move into their assigned rooms on Wednesday, August 14th from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM. You must check into Orientation between 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM in Richardson Ballroom in the DiGiorgio Campus Center. At the end of Orientation Day 1, you will return to your residence hall room. Orientation Day 2 begins at 8:00 AM, so please plan accordingly.



Returning Students

Returning students will move into their assigned rooms on Saturday, August 17, 2019.

  • If you will be residing on an odd numbered floor, your move in time will begin at 8:00 AM.
  • If you will be residing on an even numbered floor, your move-in time will begin at 11:30 AM.

Students may check into their assigned rooms any time AFTER their check-in time until Tuesday, August 20, 2019.

**Thomson Residents:

  • If you are residing in a room from  x02 to x29, you will follow directions towards East Thomson.
  • If you are residing in a room from x41 to x68, you will follow directions towards West Thomson.


Special Instructions for Arriving on Campus:

The departments of Residence Life and Winthrop University Campus Police have teamed up to provide specific routes to each residence hall. Even though you may be very familiar with campus or prefer to use a GPS, we have adjusted normal traffic patterns for Move-In days.  Please do not rely on GPS once you arrive in Rock Hill. We will have signage around campus directing you to check-in and unloading areas. Police and volunteers will also be stationed around campus to help guide you to the proper locations.  You will also be guided to the appropriate parking area as soon as you unload your vehicle. 


Directions to campus:

There is a very significant road construction project on Cherry Road adjacent to campus.  In order to avoid delays and frustration, please use the following directions to campus once you arrive in the Rock Hill area.

From I-77 Exit 82B:

  • Proceed on Cherry Road for approximately 0.5 miles. 
  • Take a left on Route US 21 (N Anderson Road) which is at the traffic light near Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen.  If you pass the Chick-fil-A, you’ve gone too far. 
  • Follow US 21 for approximately 0.5 miles 
  • Take a right on Eden Terrace (Near KFC) 
  • Follow Eden Terrace for approximately 2.8 miles 
  • Follow signage on campus for check in and unloading

From Route 5 

  • Take a left on S. Cherry Road (Chicken King restaurant) 
  • At the first traffic light, take a right onto Constitution Blvd. 
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto W. White Street 
  • At the traffic light, take a left onto Stewart Avenue
  • Follow signage on campus for check-in and unloading 

Please keep in mind: 

  • GPS will not likely guide you to the correct traffic pattern around campus on move-in day.  Follow directions above. 
  • Once you arrive at your residence hall for unloading, we ask that you completely unload your vehicle right away and then move it to the designated parking area.  Directions to the parking lot will be provided when you pull up to the unloading area. Volunteers will be available for assistance.
  • A driver will need to remain with the vehicle to move to the designated parking lot immediately after all items are unloaded.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be volunteers to help with my move-in? 

On Friday, August 16, 2019 and Saturday, August 17, 2019, volunteers will be available to help with freshmen and returning students move-in days. At other times during the year, move-in is left to the responsibility of the student. While volunteers will be available to assist during move-in, we ask that students and parents plan to also carry items to the student's assigned room. This will make the move-in process even faster and give you a chance to talk with the volunteers and learn more about Winthrop University. Volunteer availability may vary.


How Should I pack my things? 

In order to be certain that your belongings make it to your room, please follow these guidelines when packing: 

  • Clearly label your belongings with your last name, residence hall, and room number. Include labels on everything and make them easily visible. 
  • Pack everything in a box, suitcase, or storage bin. Loose items are more likely to get lost and create more trips back and forth. In addition, in the event of inclement weather your belongings will be much safer in a box than on their own! 
  • Size matters (and weight too)! Remember that, in a lot of cases, volunteers will be using stairs and not elevators to move your belongings. Please be considerate and avoid bulky or particularly heavy items. 
  • Plan for your shopping in Rock Hill! Remember that you do not need to buy everything before you arrive. Sometimes you will even have a better idea of what you need once you are here.  Both Walmart and Target have locations in Rock Hill. 
  • Communicate! Make sure that you have talked with your roommate and made an effort to avoid duplicating items for your room. This will not only save our volunteers trips, but will save you time and money. 
  • Be informed! Make sure that you review the list of approved/prohibited items and know what is and is not allowed in your room. Again, this will save time and effort for everyone! 
  • Don't bring it all! There is a lot of traffic on Move-In Day. Have your families bring any needed items when they come to visit on Family Day on Saturday, October 5, 2019. 

For further information on packing, visit the GETTING READY section of our website. 


Where do I park once I find my move-in area? 

The driver of the vehicle is directed upon entering the appropriate area for unloading. Volunteers are on hand to assist with the unloading process, so people are requested to “unload and go.” Upon completing the unloading process, the driver of the vehicle will be directed to the Cherry Road (Legion) parking lot. At no point should the driver leave the vehicle unattended. Please see the campus parking map for further information. Due to heavy traffic, vehicles cannot park by residence halls during move-in.  


Any tips for moving in? 

First, consider bringing a dolly or handcart to make moving in easier. You may consider bringing just the essentials along with enough clothing for until fall break. After a couple of weeks you will likely know better what you really need and what can realistically fit in your room. Have your families bring any needed items when they come to visit on Family Day on Saturday, October 5, 2019. 


Which residence halls have elevators? 

All of the residence halls have elevators, with the exception of Margaret Nance and Roddey Halls. Both Margaret Nance and Roddey have three floors. Due to the high volume of students and families, we strongly encourage the use of stairs while moving into residence halls. Thomson has a freight elevator that is accessible during move-in. 

Last Updated: 8/13/19