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Academic Success Communities house students together on a residential theme floor with others possessing similar academic and personal interests. Specific programs are designed around a floor’s theme and are presented by residence life staff, faculty associates, other academic partners and the residents themselves.



  1. Increased retention and graduation rates
  2. Improved grades
  3. Regular interaction with faculty, in and out of the classroom
  4. Specialized programming by the resident assistants
  5. Classes held in the residence hall
  6. Opportunities for increased community interaction with peers/classmates

D.R.E.A.M. Weavers

DreamWeavers 2014

The Dream Weavers community is designed to Develop Residents to Educate and Mentor through exploring concepts of education both inside and outside the classroom. Through faculty and staff interaction, students in this community will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of what it means to be an effective educator. This community will bring together students interested in all levels of education and create new ways to bring concepts to life for students.

Residence Halls: Margaret Nance, Richardson, Wofford, Thomson East - 1st Floor

Winthrop Connect

 Winthrop Connect 2024(2)

 Transitioning into a new environment can be a daunting task. The Winthrop Connect community enables students to create their own idea of what it means to be a community member and experience college life--whether it is academic or socially based. Faculty, staff, and students will develop a variety of events and activities that assist students in creating their own memorable experience. After all, college isn't just about learning and's about connecting!

Residence Halls: Lee Wicker, Phelps, Thomson

Honors Housing

 Honors Housing 2014-15

 The Honors community offers members of the Winthrop University Honors Program the opportunity to interact with their peers , and develop a community that thrives on academic success and scholarship. Together, faculty, staff, and students will create programming that focuses on students' academic interests. This also enhances students' skills which allow them to become well-rounded Winthrop citizens. (Note: Participation in this community is limited to students admitted to the Winthrop University Honors Program).

Residence Halls: Courtyard, Richardson, Wofford

Healthy U

 Healthy U 2014

 Making the choice to live a healthy lifestyle goes beyond simply eating and exercising on a regular basis. This community will focus on all forms of wellness, which include emotional, physical, sexual, and intellectual wellness. The faculty, staff, and students who are part of this community will develop and implement programs that focus on bettering the Winthrop student as a whole.

Residence Halls: Richardson, Wofford

Creative Habitat

 Creative Habitat 2014

Explore creativity beyond the confines of the classroom, museum walls, and symphony halls. Seek to find the sleeping creativity within all of us that will assist you in all aspects of life. Members of the Creative Habitat have the opportunity to explore issues in new and innovative ways, and draw inspiration from their world. Faculty, staff and students will create and participate in programs that focus on all types of creative endeavors, in ways that relate to the transition to college and life.

Residence Halls: Margaret Nance, Richardson, Wofford

Global Perspectives

 Global Perspectives 2014

 Broaden your understanding of world cultures, languages, technological innovation, politics, history, and business while sharing your own in a truly intercultural community. The Global Perspectives community offers opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to explore local, regional, national, and international experiences outside of their own culture and experiences.

Residence Halls: Margaret Nance, Richardson, Wofford

Leadership Explorers

 Leadership Explorers 2014

 The Leadership Explorers academic success community seeks to enhance students' access to campus resources and tools that will enable them to be truly engaged learners, and develop into effective service-oriented citizens and leaders in their aspired professions. Students will learn the importance of campus and community involvement, and by working collaboratively with faculty and staff, students will not only be shaped by their experience, but will have the opportunity to lead their peers in shaping their experiences.

Residence Halls: Richardson, Phelps - Ground Floor

*ASC Residence Hall locations change from year to year, the locations listed above are planned for the 2017-18 academic year, and a subject to change

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