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Residence Life


Academic Success Communities house students together on a residential theme floor with others possessing similar academic and personal interests. Specific programs are designed around a floor’s theme and are presented by residence life staff, faculty associates, other academic partners and the residents themselves.

Academic Success Communities 
Around the World 

AroundtheWorld Broaden your understanding of the cultures of the world while sharing your own in a truly intercultural community.  The Around the World community offers opportunities for participants to educate themselves on languages, cultures, travel as well as Winthrop’s many international study abroad programs and the National Student Exchange Program.   Members of this diverse community have one thing in common - interest in international travel and different cultures.    

 Creative Habitat 

CreativeHabExplore creativity beyond the confines of the classroom, museum walls, and symphony halls.  Seek to find the sleeping creativity within all of us that will assist you in all aspects of life.  Members of the Creative Habitat have a commitment to considering issues in new and innovative ways, and draw inspiration from their world.  Students, faculty and staff create programs that focus on brainstorming, creative ways to handle the transition to college and both traditional and non-traditional art/creative endeavors (drawing, journaling, cooking, crafts, inventions, etc.).  

D.R.E.A.M. Weavers 

DreamWeave Dare to change the life of others through the teaching profession.  The D.R.E.A.M. Weavers community is designed to Develop Residents to Educate And Mentor, through exploring concepts of education both inside and outside the classroom.  This community will bring together students interested in all levels of education to share ideas, create new ways to bring concepts to life for students, and unlock the hidden potential inside of everyone.  

Environmental Issues 

EnvironIssuesAre you passionate about protecting the environment?  Do you believe in “going green”?  Do you want to educate your peers about the importance of recycling?  Members of the Environmental Issues community will explore the environment and the ways it is affected by our everyday actions.  Activities developed by community members and the faculty partner will include discussions on current issues,community awareness projects, recycling programs, and service learning projects. 

Healthy "U" 

HealthyULiving a healthy lifestyle goes beyond simply eating right and exercising.  Members of the Healthy U community will explore what wellness really means, by participating in a wide variety of activities that promote positive and balanced life-style choices.  Members of the Healthy U community have the opportunity to participate in programs including nutrition seminars, relationship discussions, and healthy stress relieving activities.  Additionally, students in this community will benefit from the brand new West Center, offering state-of-the-art health and wellness programs and opportunities. 

 Honors Housing 

HonorsHousing The Honors community offers members of the Winthrop University Honors Program the opportunity to interact with their peers, and develop a community that thrives on academic success and scholarship.  Faculty, staff and students together will create programming that focuses on students’ academic interests and that will assist students in balancing their social and academic lives.  (Note: Participation in this community is limited to students admitted to the Winthrop University Honors Program). 


InnovationEinstein, Jobs and now you. Activities on this floor will explore the scientific bounds of the world, while exploring how these concepts affect you and the world around you. Residents of the Innovation floor will network with their peers and faculty, while learning about the many career opportunities, including some that may not yet exist in the fields of math, science, and technology.  

 Leadership Explorers 

LeadershipExpDo you want to be a leader on Winthrop’s campus?  The Leadership Explorers community equips its members with the tools, skills and resources needed to become an effective leader and community member on campus.  Hall activities, designed by faculty, students and staff, will allow students to reflect on their own leadership style, as well as what it means to engage in leadership at Winthrop and beyond.  With a hall full of leaders, the direction of this community is in your hands! 

Learning for Life  

 LearningLife Transitioning to college and learning to navigate a new campus and academic requirements can be a daunting task.  The Learning for Life community assists first-year students in this transition, while learning valuable life skills and enriching their academic experience.  Faculty, students and staff develop a variety of events and activities ranging from book discussions to time management workshops to weekly hall cooking lessons.  

Business and Economics 

BusandEconStep outside the graphs and numbers to explore business and economics principles as they affect you today.  Faculty, students and staff members will investigate concepts of entrepreneurialism, budgeting and markets.  Students from all majors will learn how business and economics can influence their chosen career path – from developing a business plan for a small art studio to understanding how market trends can affect the field of science.  Gain opportunities to network with other students, faculty and community business leaders to expand your earning potential.  

Helping Hands 

HelpHands One person can change the world, and the Helping Hands community brings together those students who want to impact the world around them.  Members of the Helping Hands community will join together to explore areas of need in the Winthrop, Rock Hill and greater communities.  Residents will engage in both large and small-scale service projects, while educating their peers on the value and importance of giving back to their community. 

 Historical Perspectives 
 HistPerspecBroaden your understanding of the present, by delving our deep-rooted past.  Members of the Historical Perspectives community will explore the events of the past, to apply and expand their knowledge of the current affairs of today’s society.  Historical topics, events and concepts will be explored, and applied to various fields and areas of interest ranging from business to art.  Learn where we are going, by knowing where we’ve been.


  1. Increased retention and graduation rates
  2. Improved grades
  3. Regular interaction with faculty, in and out of the classroom
  4. Specialized programming by the resident assistants
  5. Classes held in the residence hall
  6. Opportunities for increased community interaction with peers/classmates