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Courtyard Water Pipe Burst Information

Occurred: 01/08/2018

Update: 01/09/2017

How will this pipe burst affect my student?

If your student lives in the Courtyard, your student is affected. The power to the building is currently off, and students were evacuated early this morning to the West Center with a change of clothes and important personal items. Residents will be allowed into their rooms as quickly as it is safe for them to return. A temporary safe location for belongings in the Campus Center’s Richardson Ballroom is being monitored by staff.

Will my student have to move to a different location and for how long?

Depending on where in the Courtyard your student lives, he or she may be temporarily displaced. Some floors had no damage, and residents will be able to return to their rooms in a day or two. Other floors had more extensive damage, and residents may need a longer-term solution, such as moving to another residence hall. Rooms with the most damage could be off line for at least several weeks. Sleeping spaces are being set up in the Richardson Ballroom with cots provided by the York County Emergency Operations Center for students who have not already made alternate arrangements for tonight. It’s expected that there will be space for some 100 people tonight and perhaps a few more days. All spaces will be monitored and there are restrooms for the facility. Showers can be taken across the walkway in the West Center locker rooms during regular hours.

Will my student be able to keep the same roommate?

Efforts will be made to keep room- or suite-mates together, but it may not be possible in every situation. Students will be counseled on their options, with the goal of residents’ expectations being met where possible.

How will my student’s belongings be secured?

The building itself is secure and will be until all affected contents of certain rooms are removed. In addition, the personal belongings of students evacuated this morning are being held in a securely monitored location in Richardson Ballroom.

Will our family be reimbursed for any damages to the room and my student’s belongings?

The university is contracting with a company specializing in documenting damage in situations like this one. Each room and all damaged contents will be documented, and the documentation will be made available to parents or students for insurance claim purposes. As a state agency, the university is not responsible for damage to personal belongings. This is part of the Courtyard lease (Article 4.1). Parents or students themselves may file claims with homeowners or renters insurance for damages.

Will our family be given a reduced rate in housing because of this inconvenience?

If your student is able to continue living in the Courtyard, no. However, if your student is temporarily moved to another location that is less than comparable to housing in the Courtyard, you may be entitled to a reduced rate or a pro-rated amount for the time he or she is displaced.

Can my student be released from our housing lease?

No. The university expects to be able to accommodate all students affected because there is available housing in other campus residence halls. See above.

If my student misses any classes, will they be excused?

Faculty are aware some students are affected by today’s incident. They will work with students and not penalize them if they were unable to attend classes today.

What is being done to fix the building? How long will it take? Is the building safe?

Assessment is in progress, so it is unclear at this time what will be required to bring the facility fully back online. No students will be allowed back into the facility until it is deemed safe for occupancy and/or contents removal.

How and when will we receive updates?

An information desk has been set up in the Courtyard office. Each Courtyard resident will receive specific updates relative to their room assessment from Residence Life staff. The best source of information for parents will be their student.

Who can I talk to about my student’s situation?

If you feel you need answers that are not available from your student or there are things your student is unsure about, please contact the Department of Residence Life:

Dr. Kimberly Tullos
Director of Residence Life
Office: 237 DiGiorgio Campus Center
Phone: 803/323-2223

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