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Cable TV Information

The Winthrop University digital cable system requires a television with a QAM tuner.

You must check the specifications from your manufacturer to determine if it includes the required tuner. The types of tuners currently in use in the United States are listed here for your reference.


QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) is the format by which digital cable channels are encoded and transmitted via cable television providers. A QAM tuner is the cable equivalent of an ATSC tuner which receives over-the-air digital channels broadcast by local television stations. Many new cable-ready digital televisions support both of these standards. Because there is no requirement, though, some inexpensive manufacturers or models may not include the QAM tuner. If you are unsure if a TV has a QAM tuner, look through the manual to see if a QAM tuner is listed as an available part
Please be advised that less expensive TVs sometimes come with a lower quality QAM tuner that may be unable to tune all of the channels.





The following is a list of known TVs with model numbers not compatible with Winthrop's cable system. The list is subject to change and updates as incompatible TVs are discovered:

  • Toshiba
    • 24SL41OU
  • Sceptre
    • E24
  • Element
    • ELEFT281
    • ELEFW328


If your television does not support a QAM tuner, you can update your television or purchase a digital conversion box. Just like the TV, you should ensure that the conversion box includes a QAM tuner, and not just an ATSC tuner. Most tuner boxes available at electronic stores from over-the-air digital TV transition do not include this tuner, so be sure to verify the specifications from the manufacturer.

If you continue to have difficulty, enter a Cable TV Repair Request.

Last Updated: 9/1/20