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Click to watch Saturday, May 7, 2016 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremonies:

Watch the ceremonies.



Graduation 101 Information Session:

View the PowerPoint Presentation. (Updated 2/23/2016)

Graduation 101 Information Sessions are held each Fall Semester and each Spring Semester.  Come learn more about the graduation process, how to avoid any delays, what to expect when you are close to graduation and information about the commencement ceremony itself.


Undergraduate Graduation Checklist:

  • Submitted graduation application to the Office Records and Registration
  • Completed senior survey  (Senior Survey will be emailed the week of graduation to all degree applicants)
  • Ordered cap and gown
  • Ordered announcements
  • Completed Cultural Events requirement
  • Completed a Perkins Loan Exit Interview (if you received a Perkins Loan)
  • Cleared your account balance at Winthrop prior to graduation


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