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Teacher Testimonials

Jessica Chamberlain
English I CP & English II Honors
Mid-Carolina High School
Winthrop University c/o '08

My story begins when I was a precocious 17 year-old girl who knew she wanted to teach. During my interview for the Teaching Fellows scholarship, I flat-out stated to my interviewers that I “was going to Winthrop to become an English teacher whether I receive this money or not, though it would be very helpful if I were to get this scholarship.” Winthrop was the only college I ever applied to, and I have never regretted that fact. If I could go back and do it again, I would most certainly do so – over and over and over again. 

My experiences at Winthrop are memories I will cherish forever. I know that I would not be half the teacher I am, nor even still the student I am, today without my education from Winthrop. Whenever people ask me about “the WU,” I energetically recall many fond tales, most of which are based on experiences in English courses I took while getting my degree there. I was challenged, I was supported, and I was pushed to become something more than what I ever thought I could be.

While self-admittedly “tooting my own horn,” I must say that my outstanding references are all due to the level of commitment and quality required by Winthrop University’s English/ Secondary Education program. I would heartily recommend anyone considering an English/Secondary Education, or even just an English or Education degree, to explore the possibilities of Winthrop University. I also challenge anyone not to fall in love with the campus, the community, and the overall unique experiences and opportunities that Winthrop has to offer.  

I know I made the right decision, without a doubt.

Mrs. Caley Rogers
English Teacher, Chesnee High School
WU B.A. (English Education program) c/o '08
WU M.A. (English) c/o '10

The English education program at Winthrop is comprised of everything that makes Winthrop as a whole great – it’s small, personable, and rigorous.  The professors that serve as supervisors are MORE than just supervisors.  They care deeply both about the profession and the students under their wings, and they pass that passion on to their students within the first class meeting together.  I think that the professors involved in this particular area of the English department truly take the idea that Winthrop is a teaching institution to heart – they live it, breathe it, and lead us in becoming better educators.  The English ed faculty challenge us from the very beginning, but they cultivate a relationship with us students that makes us strive to meet and surpass their expectations. 

The English education program is beneficial because it’s small; you form a close-knit group with those in the same year as you because no one else on campus truly understands what you’re going through, especially during the field experience and internship.  Without the network of professors and fellow students in Winthrop’s English education program, I would not have survived.  In fact, I received a compliment the other day from my literacy coach, who said that I came to my school KNOWING how to teach, plan, and assess English.  While the education department at Winthrop had a hand in that, it was really the English education program that takes the credit for creating not just a teacher, but an educational leader.

Kelly E. Salyer
English teacher
9th and 10th grade
Fort Mill High School
Winthrop University c/o '11

The Winthrop English Ed. program is PHENOMENAL! I cannot stress this idea enough. Thanks to my professors at the WU Eng. Ed department, I now have a job at one of the best high school's in SC.  I mean this sincerely. I really do not think I would have gotten my job at FMHS had it not been for the training I received at WU.  I not only learned how to implement strategies for teaching effectively,  I also learned how to successfully master my content and apply it within the classroom.  My first love was English, and I try to instill that love into my students every single day.  The English Ed. program taught me to be passionate about my subject matter and confident in my teaching abilities.  Dr. Gerald and Dr. Prickett both helped me grow as an educator by supporting me and always telling me what I could do to improve.  They pushed me when I thought I was unable to go any further, and gave me suggestion after suggestion on how to fine tune my teaching skills.  I am proud to be a successful product of the Winthrop English Education program!

Leah Christian Wilt
French Teacher
Lexington School District 1
Winthrop University c/o '11

I always knew that Winthrop was known for its excellent College of Education, but it really sank in whenever I had teachers tell me "Ohhh you went to Winthrop? Well you're definitely going to be a good teacher!"

From EDUC 110 all the way to my internship, the COE program at Winthrop really prepared me to be a professional educator. I apply everything I learned from class and from my field experience and internship to what I do every day in the classroom. I especially want to applaud Dr. Evers for being the most influential in terms of education and Ms. Evans for being the best methods teacher I could have asked for. Also, my mentor teacher for my internship at Clover High School was phenomenal. These three ladies really helped me to become the teacher I am today.

There is no better place to grow and become the amazing teacher you always dreamed you would be than the College of Education at Winthrop University.