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Since the introduction and early development of photography in the nineteenth century, artists have been enlarging the use and nature of this technological invention as an aesthetic medium. With the advent of digital photography in the late twentieth century, pioneering artists have used computer technology to create distinctive works of art that manipulate and morph traditional photographic imagery into never before seen views of the world of the imagination.

Creative - Beach HouseDr. Anthony DiGiorgio, a long-time photographer, joined this twenty-first century art movement a number of years ago, and by doing so has created unique works of art that have both been shown in juried art shows, given as signature gifts to honor and recognize long-time friends of Winthrop, and displayed in various venues across the campus to inspire others to explore their own creative inclinations.

Dr. DiGiorgio’s artistic approach creates striking imagery that provides viewers with an introduction to the possibilities of photography in the digital age. Where traditional photography is based on light passing through a lens and hitting a special emulsion on film, today’s digital photographers, like Dr. DiGiorgio, use digital cameras to convert images into numbers that can be read and transformed via computer technology. Dr. DiGiorgio creates both abstract works of art out of his initial photographic works and representational art.

Like other digital artists, Dr. DiGiorgio explores both his visible world as well as the inner world of his creative imagination. He produces both singular works as well as limited editions of his digital art. View a gallery of some of Dr. DiGiorgio’s works here.

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