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April 5, 2018 

Dear Colleagues:

I want to thank you for your participation in the recent “Let Your Voice Be Heard” employee engagement survey by our consultant, Korn Ferry Hay Group – 513 responses were received for a very impressive 51% response rate. We partnered with Korn Ferry to ensure your responses were kept strictly confidential, and the results we received were in the aggregate and did not include individual responses.

What We Learned

Results of the Korn Ferry survey indicate we might have made some progress since the last survey, but have much work to do.

Sixty-one percent of respondents were satisfied “overall” with working at Winthrop. Though a different survey, the “Let Your Voice Be Heard” results compare favorably to the 51% overall satisfaction percentage reported by our employee satisfaction work group survey from the 2015-16 academic year.

The Korn Ferry results indicate Winthrop employees are proud of the work they do and the services Winthrop provides. They feel Winthrop provides a high quality educational experience and is student focused. These results align with recent perception research completed as part of our rebranding effort. Employees also report that they have a good understanding of the direction and goals within their work groups and how they align with Winthrop’s direction and goals. Ours is a respectful environment, employees say, with the accessibility of supervisors receiving the highest overall favorable rating.

The results also show where employees are not satisfied and where we have opportunities for improvement. Employees do not feel they are compensated fairly compared to other organizations – pay-related responses received the lowest overall ratings. Employees also report they do not feel there is clear link between performance and compensation.

There were other areas of significant concern that we must address. They include: collaboration; performance management; work, structure, and process; and training. These all speak to a sense on your part that the university needs to be more accountable for supporting the success of employees and acknowledging when employees don’t meet the level of performance achieved by their colleagues.

See more detailed results here.

Next Steps

Now that we have these results, it is important we act on them.

You have heard me mention before that we will initiate a classification and compensation study conducted by an external organization. The primary goals of the study will be to assist us in distributing the competitive compensation fund, to which we intend to keep allocating resources, and to make recommendations for a long-term plan to address salary concerns reflected in the survey. We are nearing the end of the state procurement process and intend to identify in May who will conduct the study.

The survey included open-ended questions. Based on your responses we are moving to fund an Employee Assistance Program that will provide you with such free services as mental health visits, financial counseling, legal and wellness assistance, and other services. We are exploring other benefits options (long-term care, short-term disability, etc.) that could be made available to employees for purchase. Securing a local discount or perks card is also in the works.

In the coming months we will dive deeper into the data and comb through the many responses to the survey’s open-ended questions. This research will form the basis for discussions campus-wide and with individual offices or departments demonstrating particular needs.

We intend to distribute this survey every few years and will use this survey as a benchmark by which to measure and assess our progress.

Thank you again for your participation in the survey. Clearly, we have work to do, but I am committed to continuing the discussion on how to improve what we do and how we do it so that employees are engaged, enabled, and proud to choose Winthrop as their work family.


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