Tentative Timeline for Presidential Search Process

June 2021: Board of Trustees (BOT) authorizes the search process, names a Presidential Search Committee, a Presidential Search Advisory Group, and establishes means of communicating to and with key constituent groups, as well as the general public, about the status of the search.

July 2021: Presidential Search Advisory Group is chosen. Presidential Search Committee and Presidential Search Advisory Group begin meetings, review their charges, adopt operating and confidentiality guidelines, and review the request for proposals (RFP) for a search consultant.

August 2021:  Search firm proposals will be evaluated and selected.  Firms will be invited to interview with the Presidential Search Committee.

August 2021: Presidential Search Advisory Group begins process of soliciting input from key constituent groups.

September 2021: Priorities and qualities of desired candidates are established. 

October/November/December 2021: Vacancy announcements are placed in national trade publications. Consultant recruits candidates and reviews applications and nominations. Top tier candidates are identified and shared with the Presidential Search Committee.

December/January 2021: Pool of semi-finalists is identified and references initially checked.  

January 2022: January 10 is deadline for best consideration. Presidential Search Committee conducts semifinalist interviews. References are checked. Pool of finalists is identified.

February 2022: No less than three finalists are invited to campus for public presentations and interviews. February 7-18 are tentative dates for campus visits.

March 2022: Preferred candidate is announced and a contract is negotiated.

July 2022: Twelfth President of Winthrop University takes office.