Students - February 11, 2019

Dear Students,

I have had several students talk to me about concerns related to missing pavers (i.e., bricks) on and around Scholars Walk. This is a beautiful part of our campus and one of the areas that attracts students to Winthrop University, so I certainly understand their concerns. There also is a cost to replace the missing pavers, which ultimately is passed along to students. In addition, there are safety concerns.

So if this concerns you as a student, here is what you can do…

-If you see someone removing pavers, note what details you can and go to Campus Police. There is already an active police investigation regarding the disappearing pavers.
-Also, encourage everyone to respect our beautiful campus and NOT commit vandalism by doing this. I would hate for anyone to have to be disciplined for something like this.
-And if you have taken pavers, return them…you won’t be charged. You don’t have to put them neatly in place. Just drop them off near the holes. If you took them, you probably know right where they belong.

Thank you for reading this and for remembering that we are all ultimately responsible for helping maintain the beautiful campus we enjoy.