Faculty and Staff - October 10, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Winthrop offices will be open for business on Friday, October 11.

The Critical Incident Management Team met three times today via conference call, and Facilities Management staff has coordinated Winthrop’s response with the City of Rock Hill throughout the day.

The central energy and chiller plants were back online by 1pm. As of this message, all of our residence halls and most of our buildings have working restrooms. An updated list will be emailed in the morning so you will know if you can use the facilities in your building or if you should go to another building nearby. Please understand that custodial crews are still working to clean some buildings.

Along with the rest of Rock Hill, we continue to be under a boil water advisory through tomorrow at least, but thankfully the campus is largely up to full water pressure.

According to the City’s website, the water is fine for bathing but should not be consumed. For hand washing on campus, hand sanitizer should be used after washing. This protocol will be in effect as long as the boil water advisory is in effect. For brushing teeth, bottled water or boiled water should be used. To properly boil water, it should come to a rolling boil for at least one minute, then should be cooled before use.

I want to commend our facilities management staff for their efforts to return the campus to relatively normal operations in such a short period of time.

Health Services will need to remain closed to students tomorrow because of the inability to ensure sanitary working conditions in the clinic.

Human Resources continues to work with state officials to determine how staff should account for any leave taken as a result of the water main break. Employees will receive instructions regarding the completion of timesheets and leave reports in the coming days.

As a reminder of what will be open, closed or on adjusted hours due to Fall Break...

Dining—Continental breakfast, sandwiches, etc., for lunch and dinner available in Thomson on Friday. Closing at 6pm as scheduled for the break.

West Center—Open 6:30am-9pm Friday and Monday; open 11am-9pm Saturday; closed Sunday; open 6:30am-11pm Tuesday.

Campus Center—Open 8am-5pm Friday; closed Saturday and Sunday; open 8am-5pm Monday; and 8am-11pm Tuesday.

Dacus Library—Open Friday 8am-5pm; closed Saturday and Sunday; open 9am-5pm Monday, and back to 24-hour access on Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience over the last 24 hours. I look forward to us welcoming faculty and students back as scheduled on Wednesday, October 16.


Dan Mahony