Faculty and Staff - February 28, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that we have wrapped up yet another initiative that grew out of the employee satisfaction survey from spring 2018 and that also relates to our efforts on Goal 3 of the Winthrop Plan. You will recall that earlier this month we made available to faculty/staff a position announcement for the ombuds. This person will be an independent, confidential, and informal resource for any Winthrop faculty, staff or administrator who voluntarily seeks assistance in identifying available options, facilitating productive communication, and bringing forth concerns about university policy or procedures.

The ombuds advisory committee received a number of applications and met with candidates before sharing the top candidates’ materials with me. It is my pleasure to announce that I have selected  Jackie Concodora, director of Center for Student Wellness, for the initial appointment as the Winthrop ombuds.

The appointment will be effective July 1, and Jackie will receive training this semester to help prepare for the role.  Beyond Jackie’s training, the next step for Winthrop is to locate dedicated space for the Ombuds Office, and you will be informed when those arrangements have been finalized. Be assured that Jackie will continue in her current role in HCS after July 1. In her first year as ombuds, she will begin to determine the campus’ needs and response to this new resource Winthrop is providing to those who work here.

In addition to wishing  Jackie well on these added responsibilities, I would like to thank Dr. Ginger Williams and the other members of the advisory committee for their work to facilitate the appointment. Additional information about the role of the ombuds may be found in the Ombuds Policy found in the Policy Repository.

Please congratulate Jackie when you see her around campus.