Faculty and Staff - February 13, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Please join me and the Winthrop Diversity Council as we celebrate PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) CEO action initiative on diversity and inclusion during the upcoming Day of Understanding. Our event will help foster the goal of Winthrop’s campus being a trusting place where difficult conversations surrounding diversity can occur, and it will be held Thursday, February 20, during common time at Dina’s Place.

I want to thank members of our community Piyush Dehru, Jennifer Dixon-McKnight, Eduardo Prieto, and Byron Putman, who will be joining us that day to share their stories and moments of bravery as they have encountered bias in their lives.

I also want to acknowledge the continuing, positive work of the Diversity Council, a committee consisting of faculty, staff and students who are charged with helping actualize Winthrop’s diversity goals and objectives as stated in Goal #3 of the Winthrop Plan. Please see the latest report on their work and join me in thanking them for their efforts:

Adolphus Belk

DeAnn Brame

Kinyata Brown

Karen Derksen

Emily Erickson

Crystal Glover

Pat Guilbaud

Chris Keck

Zan Jones

Stephanie Lawson

Neal Miller

Tadean Page

Isabella Rodriguez

Larry Stevens

Amanda Stewart

Meg Webber

Kalea Young Gibson

Again, I hope to see you on February 20 at 11 a.m. in Dina’s Place for what is sure to be a memorable experience as we expand our understanding and appreciation of diversity.