Students - May 31, 2020

Dear Students,

The last week has been one of pain, challenge and uncertainty for our nation and the communities of individuals who, together, make up the fabric of our shared society. 

Despite the frequency with which we have seen acts of injustice disproportionately impact the black community and people of color more generally, our nation is once again shocked and astounded by the tragedy of George Floyd's death. As a result, people are staging peaceful protests to demand change and accountability in cities across the nation, including in our own Rock Hill. A small minority of the demonstrators are venting their anger and frustration in acts of rioting and destruction, which Martin Luther King Jr. referred to as "the language of the unheard." Our challenge as a learning community is to exemplify our values—notably of leadership, civic engagement, and diversity—as we attempt to understand the resulting feelings, actions and reactions being expressed throughout our community and country.

While we grieve for Mr. Floyd and seek to make sense of the aftermath of his death, let all of those with a connection to Winthrop come together and become the change agents needed to address the institutionalized inequities that fuel the disparities in our country. The path forward is uncertain, but our shared values can and will help us move through this national crisis. As members of the Winthrop family, we can and must root out hatred, racism and injustice wherever we encounter it.


George W. Hynd
Interim President