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Policy Repository Protocol

Definition of Policy

A policy is a document that has been through the official approval process and has university-wide application.

Policy Oversight and Approval

All policies that have university-wide application shall be posted in the Policy Repository.  Policies related to faculty may be separately maintained in the Faculty Manual (pdf - 677 kb). Policies related to students also may be posted in specific publications, i.e. catalog, student handbook.

Administrative Responsibility

Policies in the Policy Repository are organized by administrative division. Each university division will designate a representative who will be considered the “responsible officer” for the development and implementation of that administrative division’s university policies.

Procedures for approval of a new, substantially revised or repealed policy:

  1. Drafted new policies and those recommended for substantial revision or repeal must be developed and fully vetted with the administrative division or according to protocol outlined in the Faculty Bylaws (pdf - 289 kb).
  2. The responsible office will forward the policy to the appropriate vice president for an internal administrative review. The vice president may approve the policy or may forward it to the President for final approval.
  3. Following the policy’s approval, the Vice President for Academic Affairs office staff will enter the policy in the Policy Repository under the appropriate heading.
  4. Academic Affairs will be responsible for maintaining a policy archive and for assigning a number for each policy.  In addition, it shall be the responsibility of this division to develop a 5-year review schedule for all policies posted in the repository.
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