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Instructions and Rules for Courtyard Parking Privileges

Dear Courtyard Resident,

Welcome to Winthrop University and the Courtyard!  As you may already know, parking at the Courtyard is limited, and as such, we have a set procedure for distribution of those parking permits.  There are two ways that Courtyard parking permits are assigned:

  • The first group of Courtyard parking permits will be awarded based upon the number of semesters you have lived at the Courtyard. 

  • The second group of Courtyard parking permits will be awarded based upon the number of academic hours you have completed at Winthrop University. 

When the 226 allocated spaces inside the Courtyard Gated Area have been assigned permits, 31 additional permits will be issued for signed and designated parking spaces located in the Campus Walk parking lot known as the Bronze Lot.  These signed and designated parking spaces are known to Winthrop University as the Courtyard Annex Area.  After these spaces have been allocated, a waiting list will be compiled using the completed Winthrop University academic hour process.  Obtaining a parking permit is optional, but a Courtyard parking permit will be required to park in either the Courtyard Gated Area or the Courtyard Annex Area.  Resident parking permits will be required for those students not receiving a Courtyard permit in order for those students to park in all Resident designated lots.

All students registered as of August 1, 2017 to stay at the Courtyard will be considered for a Courtyard parking permit.  Campus Police will award 257 permits from the process.  Those students awarded a Courtyard parking permit will be listed and appear on the Courtyard Parking Privileges page of the Campus Police website.  Students that do not receive a Courtyard parking permit from the process will be placed on a waiting list, which also appears at the bottom of the Courtyard Parking Privileges page, and those students will be given an opportunity to receive a Courtyard Parking permit as they become available.

Once you have verified that you are eligible to receive a Courtyard parking permit, you are required to come to Campus Police between Monday, August 14th and Friday, August 25th between the hours of 9:00am – 2:00pm to complete the necessary paperwork and pick up the permit.  If you are awarded a Courtyard parking permit but fail to register for the permit by Friday, August 25th at 2:00pm, you will forfeit the Courtyard parking permit and it will be awarded to another student listed on the waiting list.  

Students who are deemed disabled by the State of South Carolina will be issued a Disabled permit automatically.

If you are awarded a Courtyard permit and you know in advance that you will not need a permit, will elect not to purchase a Courtyard parking permit, or you qualify for a Disabled parking permit, please contact Parking Enforcement at 803-323-2553.

Once you receive a parking permit to park in the Courtyard Gated Area, your student identification card will be activated to operate the parking lot gates.

Please note that after receiving your Courtyard parking permit and before operating your vehicle on the campus of Winthrop University, it is your responsibility to go on-line and make yourself familiar with the Traffic & Parking Regulations, located under the Parking Enforcement menu to the left of the Campus Police website.


Courtyard parking permits are optional and not required.  When the Courtyard parking permit is awarded, the following rules must be adhered to:

  • After receiving your Courtyard Parking Permit, the Courtyard Parking Permit should be placed on the lower left side of your vehicle's rear window.

  • Courtyard parking permits are only valid for parking in the Courtyard Gated Area or the Courtyard Annex Area and all other Resident parking spaces. 

  • Courtyard parking permits will not allow the student to park in any other non-resident spaces or other lots on campus until after the designated times. (Example: Courtyard parking permits will be permitted in the Dinkins Hall lot after 4:00pm).

  • Vehicles not displaying a Courtyard parking permit will not be permitted to park in the Courtyard Gated Area or the Courtyard Annex Area.

  • Only those vehicles that have been issued a Courtyard parking permit and whose owners student identification cards have been grated access to operate the parking lot gates will be allowed to park in the Courtyard Gated Area.

  • If a student selected for a Courtyard permit register’s another student’s vehicle and not his or her own personal vehicle, both students will automatically loose future parking privileges and be subject to disciplinary action.

  • Please remember students are only eligible to register one vehicle for Courtyard Parking Privileges.

  • All visitors to the Courtyard must register their vehicles with Campus Police and park their vehicles in the visitor spaces provided on the Columbia Avenue side of the building. Courtyard Residents are not permitted to park in the visitor spaces.

  • If a Courtyard Parking Permit is not awarded or applied for, students will follow the current Traffic & Parking Regulations of Winthrop University.

  • All violators will be issued parking citations in accordance with the Traffic & Parking Regulations of Winthrop University.

If you have any questions about Courtyard Parking Privileges, the Courtyard Parking Permit process, or general parking questions, please contact Parking Enforcement at 803-323-2553.

Campus Police
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