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Move-In Weekend Directions and Rules

Welcome to campus!  We are excited you are here.  As you can imagine, move-in is always an extremely busy time at Winthrop University.  To make the move-in process easier and to ensure a smooth flow to the weekend, it is important that the following directions and rules are obeyed.


  • All students moving into Wofford or Richardson on Friday August 18, 2017 will check in at Dinkins Hall.  Following check in, they will proceed down Oakland Avenue to Stewart Avenue.  They will turn right onto Stewart Avenue and then right onto campus at Ebenezer Avenue.  They will proceed left onto Alumni Drive and follow Alumni Drive to Founders Lane.  They will turn right onto Founder Lane and then an immediate left into the parking lot which will take them to the designated unloading area.  Signs will be posted directing visitors and students to Wofford and Richardson.  Upper classmen checking in on Saturday or Sunday should report directly to their Residence Hall.
  • All students moving into West Thomson will check in at West Thomson, but will enter campus the same way as those coming to Wofford and Richardson.
  • All students moving into East Thomson, Phelps, and Lee Wicker will check in at their respective Residence Halls and will enter campus at the main entrance on Eden Terrace at Oakland Avenue.  They will follow signs to the designated unloading areas for these Residence Halls.
  • All students moving into Margaret Nance will check in at Margaret Nance and will enter campus at the main entrance on Eden Terrace at Oakland Avenue and follow the signs to the designated unloading area in the back of Margaret Nance.
  • All students moving into Roddey Apartments will check in at Roddey Apartments and will enter campus from either Stewart Avenue or Oakland Avenue.  Signage will be posted in the median of Oakland Avenue.
  • All students moving into the Courtyard will check in at the Courtyard and will enter from Columbia Avenue.  Signage will be posted on Alumni Drive.


  • Please follow signs and directions given by police officers and Residence Life staff.
  • Enter the Residence Hall parking lot as directed:
    1. Place the student identification form received at check-in on dash of vehicle.
    3. Unload items from the vehicle onto the curb. You will be allowed 15 – 30 minutes to unload your vehicle.

    4. Leave someone with unloaded items.
    6. Drive your vehicle out of the lot and park in a designated area indicated on the campus parking area map.

    7. Return to the lot and move items into the Residence Hall room.

    8. If you are moving in by yourself, there will be a designated area to leave your items.  This area will be monitored by university representatives.
  • Vehicles that are left unattended and do not comply with the move in procedure are subject to towing at the owners expense.
  • All Residence Hall parking lots and roads around the Residence Halls will be closed to vehicle parking beginning on Thursday morning at 7:00am, August 17th.  This closure is to accommodate the move-in process.  VEHICLES THAT PARK ON CLOSED ROADS AND PARKING LOTS DURING THE CLOSURE PERIOD ARE SUBJECT TO BEING TOWED AT THE OWNERS EXPENSE.
  • All Residence Hall parking lots and roads around the Residence Halls will open for parking at 7:00pm on Sunday evening, August 20th.  Anyone who parks in these lots or on the streets prior to 7:00pm are subject to towing at the owners expense. 

  • Thank you for your attention to all of the above and again, we are excited you are here! 

Campus Police
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