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Campus Police

Traffic and Parking

Parking Areas

Authorized parking areas (as indicted by signs and/or painted lines)

  • Faculty/Staff parking only (Garnet Lines) - Vehicles bearing (F/S) permits.
  • Resident Student Parking Only (White Lines) - Vehicles bearing (R) permits and Vehicles bearing (CY) permits.
  • Commuter Student Parking Only (White Lines) - Vehicles bearing (C) permits.
  • Disabled Parking Only (Blue Lines) - Vehicles bearing (D) permits or Vehicles which display an official state disability placard or license plate.
  • Courtyard Parking Only - Vehicles bearing (CY) permits are permitted to park in the Courtyard Gated Area, the Courtyard Annex Area, and the Courtyard Overflow Area on a first come, first served basis. Vehicles bearing (CY) permits are also allowed to park in areas marked as Resident Student Parking Only.
  • Purple Heart Parking Only- Vehicles bearing DMV Purple Heart license plate AND WU permit -OR- WU permit bearing PH designation. If these spaces are occupied by other PH veterans, the student must then park in the designated area indicated by the parking permit affixed to their vehicle. The Purple Heart plate or the special letters on the WU permit will not allow the veteran to park in Disabled or Faculty/ Staff spaces.

Designated Areas of F/S Parking 

Parking on campus in F/S spaces is prohibited until evening hours as posted on signage.

Places You Should Not Park

  • Any Visitor parking space if you are a Faculty/Staff member or a Student.
  • On a pedestrian crosswalk
  • Disabled parking areas (blue curbs)
  • Reserved spaces - unless authorized - 7 days a week
  • Where there are "No Parking" signs
  • Loading zones beyond posted time limit (15 minutes)
  • All areas not specifically designated for parking are considered "No Parking Zones"
  • Where there is two-way traffic, you should not park left of the center line (left wheels to the curb)
  • In front of dumpsters or in an area where emptying a dumpster is impossible.
  • Fire zones
  • Unmarked spaces
  • Closed areas or areas signified as closed by traffic cones

All areas not specifically designated for parking are considered "No Parking" zones.

Parking regulations are enforced during the summer and all holidays when faculty and staff are scheduled to work.

Emergency flashers do not permit illegal parking.

Designated parking areas have been established at the coliseum and related recreational areas. These areas will be patrolled and parking regulations will be enforced. Failure to comply with posted speed limits and parking regulations will result in citations and/or towing of vehicles.

Campus Police
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