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Campus Police

Traffic and Parking

General Regulations

  • The operation of motor vehicles on Winthrop University property is a privilege granted by the University's administration.
  • Failure to comply with the laws of South Carolina or University regulations will result in a warning or penalty that may include the loss of motor vehicle privileges.
  • The purchase of a permit does not guarantee a parking place, but merely allows for legal parking in an appropriate area.
  • The university shall assume no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while operated or parked on University property.
  • Regulations apply to drivers of all vehicles and are in force 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, unless other wise noted.
  • Drivers of all vehicles shall obey the lawful instruction of any police officer and any official traffic sign on campus.
  • Please note that after receiving your parking permit and before operating your vehicle on the campus of Winthrop University, it is your responsibility to go on-line and make yourself familiar with the Traffic & Parking Regulations, located under the Parking Enforcement menu to the left of the Campus Police website.
  • Vehicles owned or leased by the university may park in any available space in order to conduct routine University business.

Owners of immobilized (broken down) vehicles should request an immobilized vehicle parking pass from Campus Police.  Immobilized vehicles not registered are subject to tow at the owner's expense.

Permit Placement

Parking permits in their full capacity without modification should be permanently affixed to the outside rear window on the bottom left side of your vehicle.  Note: If you are driving a convertible, or truck with a camper top, the permit must be permanently affixed to the outside front window on the bottom left side of your vehicle. Motorcycles must register at Campus Police, but will not receive a permit.

Vehicles In Motion

  • South Carolina State Highway Regulations apply on Winthrop University property at all times.
  • The maximum legal speed on university property is 20 miles per hour on the roadway and 10 miles per hour in the parking lots.
  • Vehicles must stop for pedestrians at marked crosswalks.
Campus Police
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