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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers 
FAQ question What is my CWID?
FAQ Answer Your CWID is your Campus Wide ID number.  This number was initiated by Winthrop to use in lieu of your Social Security Number.  To find your number, login to Wingspan with your network/email ID and password.  Go to the Employee Tab.  In the upper-left section labeled "Employee Profile", you will see your CWID number.  When accessing your emailed direct deposit advice, be sure to type the 'W' in upper case.
FAQ question What does "OTHER" mean on my check stub in the Deductions area?
FAQ Answer When you have more than twelve items deducted from your pay, this term is used to group together those amounts.  This pre-defined form only allows for 12 entries to show in the deduction area.  To access all deduction details for your pay check, login to Wingspan, go to the Employee Tab and select the link for "Pay Stub".  This link will present the WU Check Stub, which details all deductions and direct deposits pertaining to your pay.

FAQ question

When are students paid?
FAQ Answer

Students are paid on the 10th and 25th of each month except when those dates fall on a weekend. When they do fall on the weekend, students are paid on the Friday preceding the 10th or 25th. We most often pay students before spring/fall breaks and prior to final exams. We are not always successful because sometimes there just isn't enough time to get all of the time sheets processed before students leave for breaks. The pay day schedule is available at the Student Employee Payroll Calendar webpage.

FAQ question I've lost my check. What do I need to do?
FAQ Answer

Payroll will need a signed document from you that includes a statement as to why the check should be replaced (lost, stolen, left in my jeans pocket and went through the wash, etc.) before we can issue a stop payment on the check. A handwritten note will suffice. We will then issue a replacement check within five to ten business days of receiving the statement. We encourage enrolling for Direct Deposit - you won't have problems with lost checks again!

FAQ question I'm a student at Winthrop. I work in the XXXXX department and I didn't get paid. Why?
FAQ Answer

There are two possible reasons why a student isn't paid when expected. The first possibility is that the Student Wage Agreement (the hiring form) was not completed and sent to Human Resources in time to be processed into the database. For the payroll on the 10th, the Wage Agreement must be received in the Human Resources department by the 16th of the previous month. For the payroll on the 25th, HR must have received the Agreement by the 1st. The second possibility of a student not being paid is that the student's timesheet on WingSpan was not completed and/or approved.

FAQ question I want to change the number of exemptions I claim for federal and state tax purposes. How will this affect my net pay?
FAQ Answer

Access one of these sites for a payroll check calculator tool to help you determine the best option for you. Once you have made the decision to change, complete a new W-4 form and deliver it to the Human Resources department. The change cannot be made until the new W-4 form is submitted.
       Payroll SC      

FAQ question I'm tired of standing in long lines at the bank every payday to deposit or cash my paycheck. Can you help me?
FAQ Answer

Most definitely, YES!  It's called Direct Deposit and it's simple and easy to enroll!

We will electronically deposit your net pay into your bank account so you might conceivably never go inside a bank to cash your check again. The process is safe and reliable - even more so than you handling the check deposit yourself. You might lose the check or, worse yet, have it stolen. Or you might make an error on your deposit slip. With direct deposit, the right amount is in your account before you even wake up on payday. No worrying about rushing to the bank on your lunch hour or having an anxiety attack about standing in lines.

To enroll, simply stop by or call the payroll department at x2271 and ask for a direct deposit form or print the form from our web page.  Complete the form and return it to the payroll department along with a voided check. This information is required in order to get the right bank routing and account numbers.  After the direct deposit begins, you will receive an electronic copy of your Earnings Statement via email for each payroll with detail of your gross pay, deductions and net pay.

FAQ question I have lost my CashPay Visa debit card.  What do I do? 
FAQ Answer Immediately call a Bank of America representative at 1-866-213-4074.
FAQ question I want to stop one of my deductions. How do I do it?
FAQ Answer

It depends on the type of deduction. If it is an insurance-type or annuity deduction, you must contact Human Resources. For all others, such as SC Employees Assoc., United Way, Eagle Club/Tickets, etc., send a signed request or email to Payroll. If the request is received within five working days prior to payday, it will take effect on that payday.



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