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Welcome Week - Mandatory Events for Freshmen

2022 Schedule - Mandatory Events for Freshmen

Thursday 8/18 & Friday 8/19 Saturday 8/20 Sunday 8/21 Monday 8/22 Tuesday 8/23
Wednesday 8/24 Thursday 8/25 Friday 8/26 Saturday 8/27 Sunday 8/28

The Fun Doesn't Stop


Friday, August 19

Blue Line Shirt Pick-Up

6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. | Scholars Walk

New students and sophomores should plan to pick up their Blue Line Shirt at this time. Make sure to wear your Blue Line Shirt to Convocation at 11 a.m.!


First Class

7:15 p.m. - 8 p.m. | Locations Vary (more below)

Welcome home! 

We know there are so many questions about the transition to college and tonight will help answer those questions and ease the transition!  You will create new bonds with your FYE Peer Mentor, ACAD 101 faculty, and classmates. ACAD 101 sections will meet in classrooms across campus.  

Locations are listed below.  Students should attend based on your ACAD 101 section number (far left column).  To find your ACAD 101 section number, look at your course schedule in Wingspan.  Your section number is the last 3-4 digits of your class (ex. ACAD 101-XXX).  If you're not sure of your section number or where to go, ask your Peer Mentor or OL.  On the website is the list of ACAD classes and instructors with Peer Mentors.

Office of First Year Experience

First Class Meeting Locations 

Section Number: 




Shelly Hamill 

Owen 101 


Michael Lipscomb 

Owen 102 


Thomas Polaski 

Owen 103 


Darren Ritzer 

Owen 104 


Nicholas Grossoehme 

Owen 107 


Leigh Poole 

Owen 108 


Stacy Martin 

Owen 109 


Valerie Jepson 

Owen 110 


Miranda Knight 

Owen 201 


Jennifer Everhart 

Owen 202 


Tracy Paterson 

Owen 203 


Janelle Sealy 

Owen 204 


Kara Traverse 

Owen 207 


Michelle Wolf 

Owen G05 


Faith Rush 

Owen 109 


Janell Stevens 

Owen G01 

Theo Clark  

Kinard 219 

Jason Hurlbert 

Owen 209 

Jessica Martin 

DIGS 221 

Cassandra Bell 

Kinard 204 

Anna-Britt Fredericks 

Kinard 119 

Katherine (LIZ) Moore 

Kinard 101 

Julia McCallum 

Kinard 111 


Joanna Harris 

Kinard 115 


Megan Rolf 

Kinard 315 


Jennifer Hester 

DIGS 220 


Jennifer Schafer 

Kinard 201 


Margaret Gillikin 

Kinard 102 


Brent Woodfill 

Kinard 301 


Nina Grant 

Kinard 316 


Jasmine Howze 

Owens 210 


Robert Edge 

Kinard 207 


Thomas Grattan 

Kinard 215 


Jeremy Lopuch 

Kinard 312 


Shaniqua Corley-Moore 

Owen 208 


Kelly Ozust 

Kinard 016 


Leah Simmonds 

Kinard 211 


Tammy Burnham 

Kinard 205 


Claire Mooney-Melvin  

Kinard 308 


Sarah Kesler                   

Kinard 302  


Sarah Hopkins                

Kinard 305  


Vanessa Valdez               

Kinard 206  



First Night Winthrop 

8:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. | Campus Green

It's your first night at Winthrop and your first chance to get to know your Peer Mentor, ACAD peers and fellow members of the incoming class.  You will enjoy a night of laughter and fun as you begin forming the first of many lifelong friendships.  This event will be carnival style with food, music, and games for all! Note: Please be sure to know your ACAD section number (found on your Wingspan class schedule) so you can quickly identify your Peer Mentor upon arrival.

Office of First Year Experience



Saturday, August 20

Staying Safe in Your Campus Community and Active Shooter Training

Location | DIGS, Richardson Ballroom

Session 1: 9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.,  Lee Wicker, Margaret Nance, Roddey, and Courtyard 

Session 2: 10:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m., Phelps, Thomson, and Commuter Students

This mandatory event for all incoming students will hep you understand the ins and outs of safety at Winthrop, community rules and expectations, resources on campus, how to be a good bystander, and who is around to help you.



Monday, August 22

Blue Line Shirt Pick-Up

9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. | DIGS Lobby

New students if you didn't pick up your Blue Line shirt Friday, get it now. Make sure to wear your Blue Line Shirt to Convocation at 11 a.m.!


Meet Your Peer Mentor

10:45 a.m. | Location Scholar's Walk

New students should meet your Peer Mentor on Scholar's Walk before Convocation.



11 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. | West Center

Convocation is a tradition dating to the presidency of Winthrop's founder, David Bancroft Johnson and is held on the first day of classes each new academic year. Today, President Edward Serna convenes members of the 137th new student class of freshmen and incoming transfer students to provide them with an official welcome to the campus community.

Plan to meet your Peer Mentor on Scholar's Walk.

Make sure to wear your Blue Line t-shirt! 

*Missed Convocation? You can watch a recording of the 2022 event here. 


Lunch on the Lawn

11:45 a.m. - 1:45 p.m., Margaret Nance Lawn  

Join fellow new students, faculty, and staff for a BBQ lunch on the front lawn.  The Alumni Association, and Student Alumni Council will share information on Winthrop's rich history and the distinct characteristics that make Winthrop a university unlike any other.  Campus Ministries, local churches, and civic organizations will also provide information about opportunities to get involved in the community.


Assemblies with Academic Colleges

2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. | Location varies by Academic College (see below)

All new students are required to attend their Academic College Assembly. Locations will be updated later. Not sure which Academic College Assembly to attend? Ask your OL, TOLM, or Peer Mentor!

College of Arts & Sciences | Tillman Auditorium

Dean Takita Sumter will briefly welcome students to the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and discuss the distinctive qualities  and exciting possibilities of CAS programs. Each student will then meet with faculty and students in his or her major.

College of Business Administration | DiGiorgio Campus Center, Richardson Ballroom

Dean P.N. Saksena will welcome students and highlight the programs and goals in the College of Business Administration. Department chairs will discuss the variety of professional development activities that make students successful. Students will then meet with their advisors/mentors and department representatives.

College of Education | Various Locations (see below)

Students will be welcomed by College of Education faculty and staff. Majors should meet at the following locations:

  • If your major is Sport Management, Physical Education, Exercise Science, or Exercise Science with Athletic Training, go to the Student Activities Center (Attached to Withers).
  • If your major is Middle Level Education, Special Education, or Human Development & Family Studies, go to Withers 209.
  • If your major is Elementary Education, go to Plowden Auditorium located in Withers/W.T.S. Building
  • If your major is Early Childhood Education, go to Withers 322-B.
  • If your major is Educational Studies, go to Withers 307.

College of Visual & Performing Arts | Johnson Hall

Interim Dean Karen Oremus will welcome Visual & Performing Arts majors as they meet with the faculty and department chairs in their specific area of study to discuss program goals and upcoming events for the academic year.

University College | Dinkins Auditorium

Interim Dean Leigh Poole will welcome students to University College and discuss the resources available to help students make informed decisions about majors.


Fall Classes Start

5 p.m. ET | Check your fall course schedule!

Mandatory Event for ALL Students

Fall courses start on Monday, August 22, 2022 at 5 p.m. ET. If you have a class that starts at 5 p.m. or after on Mondays, you will attend class on this day. If you have a class that starts earlier than 5 p.m. on Mondays, you won't have class until the next day it meets. Still not sure? That's ok! Talk to your OL, TOLM,  or Peer Mentor.



Mandatory Events for Residential Students (new and returning)

Mandatory Events for New Transfer & Adult Students

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