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TOLMs 2020

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TOLMs are upperclassmen students at Winthrop who work with new transfer, military, and adult students and their families at Orientation and throughout their first semester. These students work hard throughout the spring semester and summer to train and prepare for helping new students in their transition. At Orientation, new students are assigned to a TOLM who will serve as their Winthrop point person and lead sessions to give students exclusive knowledge on what it means to be a Winthrop Eagle.

(in alphabetical order by first name)

To contact any of the TOLMs via email, log into Winthrop's People Search tool.


TOLM Brandon EllisonBrandon Ellison

Major: Chemistry (College of Arts & Sciences)
Transfer Institution: N/A (Military Background)
A Campus Resource I Have Used: Since I'm a chemistry major, I'll give our department a shout-out. Some students may not be aware that the chemistry department has their own tutoring in the Sims Science Building. It helped me in my general chemistry studies during my first year here at Winthrop, and I believe it's a great resource for any student in a chemistry class. 
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Fun Fact: I've driven across the country by myself!


TOLM Chyna WallaceChyna Wallace

Major: Mass Communications (College of Arts & Sciences)
Transfer Institution: Claflin University
Favorite Thing about WU: My favorite thing about Winthrop is the people. At Winthrop, people are so open and welcoming. When it comes to classes and clubs/orgs, everyone here welcomes you like a family, even when you’re there for the first time.
Campus Resource Spotlight: Academic Success Center (ASC)
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Fun Fact: I own my own baking business!


TOLM Clara BensonClara Benson

Major: Psychology (College of Arts & Sciences)
Transfer Institution: Trident Technical College
Advice for New Students: It was difficult for me to adjust to living as a full-time student again after being in the workforce. It was also difficult for me to make friends at first because I felt like the old person on campus. To combat this, get involved on campus and find your tribe. There are cultural events and involvement fairs that are great places to meet new friends. Consider serving as a TOLM!
Campus Resource Spotlight: Academic Success Center (ASC)
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Fun Fact: I have never met a dog that I didn't love!


TOLM Dom CainDominique Cain

Major: Psychology & Biology (double major - College of Arts & Sciences)
Transfer Institution: East Tennessee State University
Advice for New Students: I didn't realize how big of a help the TOLM I was assigned during Orientation would be. Before transferring to Winthrop, I was really involved on my previous campus, so I was scared that once I came to Winthrop, I wouldn't be able to get as involved. Once I reached out to my TOLM, she had plenty of resources for me to check out and jumpstart my mission to get involved on Winthrop's campus. This is also the reason I applied to be a TOLM!
Campus Resource Spotlight: Center for Student Wellness (CSW) (formerly Health & Counseling Services)
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Fun Fact: I once thought I saw Dwayne The Rock Johnson on a flight and told the flight attendant he was on our plane. She then told the captain, and he announced it on the flight intercom... It turns out it wasn't The Rock, and I was embarrassed!


TOLM Nicole HolbertNicole Holbert

Major: double major in History and Sociology (College of Arts & Sciences)
Transfer Institution: Georgia Northwestern Technical College, York Technical College
Favorite Thing about WU: I love the community at Winthrop. I’ve always felt like an outsider and uninvolved at my previous institutions, but from the moment I started at Winthrop, I felt like I truly belonged here.

Campus Resource Spotlight: Center for Student Wellness (CSW) (formerly Health & Counseling Services)
Hometown: Calhoun, GA
Fun Fact: I once hiked 60 miles in 48 hours in the Pisgah National Forest with my twin (Bonus fun fact: I’m a twin, and she also goes to Winthrop!)


TOLM Whitney WilliamsWhitney Williams

Major: Social Work (College of Arts & Sciences)
Transfer Institution: Greenville Technical College
A Campus Resource I Have Used: One campus resource that I have used is Center for Student Wellness (CSW) (formerly Health & Counseling Services). As a transfer student, I experienced transfer shock, and CSW really helped me over the hump of being in a new environment. The best thing about CSW, specifically counseling, is that it is free for full-time Winthrop students and that they have same-day appointments.
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Fun Fact: I weighed 1 pound, 5 ounces at birth - the size of a ballpoint pen!


TOLM Group 

To contact any of the TOLMs, log into Winthrop's People Search tool.


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