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Online Learning

News Archive:

Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 10 includes exciting new features for Spring 2013 

  • Enterprise surveys and course evaluations
    • Institutions can now conduct surveys at the course, department, institution and general public levels — all through our existing Blackboard Learn license. You also have robust analysis tools and reports at your disposal, with the ability to track response rates, aggregate or disaggregate results, and even track results year over year.
  • Item analysis
    • Item Analysis helps you refine assessments by evaluating the quality and validity of each question. Far better than the usual Frequency and Distribution reports, our new Item Analysis report provides discrimination statistics that allow you to identify questions that are poor performers, diagnose the problem and then fix it in a streamlined workflow.
  • My Blackboard
    • Going to multiple places in your LMS to stay up-to-date is a hassle for students and educators. Now, with My Blackboard, the critical information you need to know is consolidated in a simple, modern, easily consumable way. And with the new Global Navigation Menu, you have one-click access to the new My Blackboard tools — like your Profile, Updates, People and Posts — as well as your courses and settings.
  • New Content Editor
    • The new Content Editor vastly improves the user experience for entering text, pasting content from Microsoft Word, and adding content to all areas of Blackboard Learn. Simply bring your course materials to life.


Cengage and Blackboard Integration

Available Now - We are pleased to announce the availability of the Cengage Learning MindLinks Building Block for the Blackboard Learn 9.1 platform. Instructors and students can now access Cengage Learning digital products, including CourseMate and MindTap, directly within Blackboard Learn. For an overview and features please visit

LiveText and Blackboard Integration

Available Now - LiveText has partnered with Blackboard to bring us the LiveText Single Sign On Building Block for Blackboard. The building block is designed to eliminate the need for multiple sign on's for use of both systems. You can add a link to LiveText for students on your course menu and on content areas of your Blackboard courses. Students will be able to link directly into LiveText from Blackboard without having to sign-on each time. LiveText is a leading provider of solutions for assessment, which facilitate data reporting to effectively measure outcomes-based learning goals and objectives. Check out the instructions on how to create LiveText links within your Blackboard courses (pdf - 149 KB).

McGraw-Hill Connect and Blackboard Integration

Available Now - Educators can easily pull content from McGraw-Hill's Connect into their Blackboard courses, which offers media rich content, assessment engines, customization and industry leading adaptive learning tools. For an overview and features please visit

Pearson and Blackboard Integration

Available Now - Blackboard and Pearson have created an integrated solution that combines the proven results of the MyLab/Mastering programs with the power of Blackboard Learn. Now, Blackboard and Pearson are working together for a single course experience with grade transfer. The integration provides students with convenient access to Pearson's MyLab/Mastering content within Blackboard. For an overview and features please visit

WileyPLUS and Blackboard Integration

Available Now - Wiley is excited to announce that WileyPLUS is available through Blackboard. Many instructors already use Wiley's trusted content, including textbooks and digital resources, to teach their course. Now they can seamlessly integrate with WileyPLUS to have everything they need in one central placeright in their Blackboard Learn course. For an overview and features please visit

The New Course Request Form

The Course Request Form must be received by the Online Learning Coordinator for each course in which you will use Blackboard at least 10 days prior to the start the semester in which the course will be taught. The request form much be completed each time you wish to create a new online course or wish to reuse an existing one. Requests submitted after the deadline will be processed on a case-by-case basis and may result in a delay of course creation and population. Please visit our Information for Instructors page for more information.

In an effort to improve the efficiency and quality of Blackboard courses at Winthrop, the following changes are taking effect:

  • All faculty members interested in designing a course must have an active account.
  • All instructors wishing to design a new course must attend a faculty training session.
  • All student and instructor Blackboard ID's match the user's e-mail alias.
  • All students enrolled in Blackboard courses must activate and regularly check their e-mail account. No exceptions will be made.
  • Any student enrolled in a Blackboard course who did not have a working e-mail account prior to the week of the first day of classes must go to 15 Tillman or fill out an e-mail account creation request form in order to receive a valid login ID and password. Students with e-mail accounts are automatically added prior to the beginning of the semester. All Winthrop University students are required to have working e-mail accounts, and it is the student's sole responsibility to be aware of any course related information sent through official Winthrop e-mail.
  • Faculty wishing to use/create a Blackboard course must complete the online Course Request Form.

Beware of "Internet Optimizer"

If you are unable to log in to Blackboard because an Adware program keeps launching called Internet Optimizer, you need to remove it immediately. Symantec has developed a removal tool to eliminate this. You should also download and run an anti-Spyware program such as Spybot Search & Destroy.

Blackboard Instructor's Manual

For faculty new to Blackboard, there are detailed instructions now available on our website.The Blackboard manual is also available online.

Last Updated: 8/13/20