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Winthrop's New Policy Limits Smoking to Designated Areas

Quick Facts

 Smoking is no longer permitted inside campus buildings or university-owned buildings.
 The university has designated 16 smoking areas.

ROCK HILL, S.C. - Winthrop University now restricts smoking to outside designated areas on the campus. Smoking is no longer permitted inside campus buildings or university-owned vehicles.

The new policy, adopted by the executive officers this spring, went into effect Aug. 1 and meets a strategic initiative outlined in the 2005-06 Vision of Distinction, the university's goal-setting document.

Sixteen designated smoking areas, complete with benches and cigarette disposal canisters, have been created and strategically placed across campus. Under the new policy, the following outside areas are designated smoking areas: Dinkins Student Center, next to Dacus Library, in front of Withers/W.T.S. Building, behind the Operations Center at Winthrop, the loop of Phelps Hall, behind the Academic Computing Center, in front of Thomson Hall, across from Wofford Hall, next to Byrnes Auditorium, beside the Culp Chiller Plant, behind Kinard Hall, behind Margaret Nance Hall, behind McLaurin Hall, next to the Courtyard at Winthrop, in front of Rutledge Building, and across from the front entrance to Roddey Apartments.

A task force composed of faculty, staff and students reviewed relevant tobacco-use policies and recommended revising the smoking policy to limit second-hand smoke inhalation at Winthrop.The group also conducted a survey among resident students and provided discussion and online forum opportunities.

The survey found that 88 percent of respondents believed that the entire campus, or just the buildings, should be completely smoke-free and 67 percent responded they are frequently to occasionally bothered by cigarette smoke at Winthrop. View the survey results online.

At events held at Winthrop by outside groups, those in charge of the event will be responsible for policy compliance.

For more information, contact Frank Ardaiolo, vice president for student life, at 803/323-2251.

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