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Winthrop, York Tech Announce Transfer Articulation Programs

Quick Facts

 To simplify the transfer process, leadership at Winthrop and York Technical College has created two new transfer articulation programs.
 The University Studies Certificate program and the 2+2 transfer articulation program will eliminate duplication of courses.

ROCK HILL, S.C. - Winthrop University and York Technical College have created new programs to ensure students have a seamless transition transferring from York Technical College to Winthrop.

Since spring 2008, leadership at both schools has collaborated and devised two programs: the University Studies Certificate and the 2+2 transfer articulation programs. The University Studies Certificate program allows York Technical College students to complete one of 21 designated programs – ranging from a Certificate to B.S. in Science Communication to a Certificate to B.A. in Modern Languages – by transferring 31-32 credit hours to Winthrop’s corresponding program.

Under the 2+2 transfer program, York Technical College students who complete the Associate of Arts or Science degrees may transfer 63-65 credit hours to Winthrop in five areas of study. The five degree programs include:

  • A.A. (Business Administration Track) to B.S. in Business Administration;
  • A.A. to B.A. in English-Language Literature Track;
  • A.S. with Environmental Specialization to B.S. in Environmental Sciences;
  • A.A. to B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences; and
  • A.A. to B.A. in Political Science.

Additional information about the University Studies Certificate program and the 2+2 transfer program is available on York Technical College's Transfer Agreement website.

Both transfer articulation programs, implemented this fall, aim to eliminate the duplication of courses needed to complete a bachelor’s degree program for students accepted to Winthrop from York Technical College. The programs also signify “both institutions’ commitment to advancing student success,” according to Greg Rutherford, president of York Technical College.

“The historic agreements will help many men and women at York Technical College and Winthrop University who are striving to reach personal and professional goals,” said Rutherford. “I am very appreciative of the efforts of the faculty and staff at both institutions for making the transfer agreements possible.”

In the future, Winthrop may expand the articulation agreements to other institutions throughout the technical college system as well as add more certificates and programs. This expansion will continue to build understanding and foster student success, said Winthrop University President Anthony DiGiorgio.

“These program transfer agreements will enable more York Tech students to transfer more credit hours to Winthrop and proceed further along toward baccalaureate degrees. Given the importance of bachelor’s degrees to an individual’s economic wellbeing and to the economic development of a region, over time these agreements will contribute a great deal to the quality of life in this region,” said DiGiorgio. “I am grateful to the many people at both institutions who worked hard to create this new level of cooperation and articulation between York Technical College and Winthrop.”

Statewide, there also is an increased focus on encouraging students to pursue more advanced degrees after high school. The up-and-coming AcademyOne, an online information portal, will serve as a valuable resource for transfer students throughout the state of South Carolina, including those participating in the University Studies Certificate program and 2+2 agreements offered by Winthrop and York Technical College. AcademyOne allows students to enter courses and learn how they transfer to Winthrop as well as other public colleges and universities throughout the state. This new portal will ensure a smoother transfer process and prevent students from losing credits when they transfer. More information will be available soon on the state’s Web site.

For more information about the transfer articulation programs, call Jackie Brockington, Winthrop’s transfer articulation and degree audit coordinator, at 803/323-4747 or Laura Sturgis, associate dean for academic affairs at York Technical College, at 803/981-7143.

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