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Social Studies Video on Winthrop ETV Poll to Help Educate High School Students

ROCK HILL, S.C. - High school students around South Carolina may soon learn about the presidential process with the help of the Winthrop/ETV Poll.
Winthrop University, the state Department of Education and ETV teamed up in mid-January to produce an instructional video for social studies teachers, called “SC Students Pick a President: Using the Winthrop/ETV Polls in Your Classroom.”

The 34-minute video features a discussion moderated by ETV Big Picture Host Andrew Gobeil  with Scott Huffmon, Winthrop associate professor of political science, and Lewis Huffman, education associate for social studies in the Department of Education. Social studies teachers will view the video to aid them in the adoption of varied teaching methodologies.
The discussion answered these questions:
* What are the Winthrop/ETV polls? How are they conducted? Who conducts them? And, how are those pollsters trained?
* How are the results compiled? Analyzed? Distributed? And, how are the polls being used in South Carolina and the nation to track voter interest and demographics?
* How can teachers & students use the information? And, What is the importance of citizen involvement/engagement in the polls?
* How do the Winthrop/ETV polls meet curriculum standards for the specified grade levels? And, how do the polls help teach certain skill sets?  (i.e. math – statistics – demographics – analysis)
* What do these polls tell us as changes occur over the course of the campaign?

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