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New WU Logo Added for Consistent On-Campus Look

ROCK HILL, S.C. - Winthrop University will add a new logo to be used primarily on-campus as a way to knit together the various public aspects of the campus with a consistent look.

At recent meetings of the Board of Trustees and alumni, President Anthony DiGiorgio unveiled the new “WU” symbol. “As we integrate the historic parts of the Winthrop campus with the newer facilities coming on line, we want to support and to take advantage intentionally of Winthrop’s increasing profile, especially with other long-planned activities about to launch such as our next capital campaign and our enhanced enrollment initiatives,” he said.

In the next few months, as the new West Center outdoor seating area is completed and pedestrian walkways are created throughout campus, the “WU” symbol will begin to be seen on awnings and banners, as well as on memorabilia at the student bookstore, the Bookworm. It also will be used for campus signage and to identify community gathering spots, helping to create an environment conducive to walking and sitting outside.

The new logo features the university’s well-known garnet and gold signature colors, pulling from familiar aspects of the athletic logo as well as various other visual elements currently used on the Web site and in major publications.

The university will continue to employ its traditional logos in most external communications, including the Tillman Tower, university seal and athletic logos. For additional information on protocols regarding use of the trademarked logos, contact Allen Blackmon at 803/323-2236.

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