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Higher Food and Energy Costs Lead to Increase in Winthrop's Room and Board Rates

ROCK HILL, S.C. - Winthrop University students will pay around 4-6 percent higher room and board rates in the fall, depending on which housing option students select, the university’s Board of Trustees decided at their quarterly board meeting on April 11.

This is the third year in a row university officials have let families know in the spring about the partial costs of attending Winthrop, according to J.P. McKee, vice president for finance and business.

Winthrop officials cite recent indicators showing higher food and energy costs across the nation as the major reasons for the room and board increases for the next academic year.

The full cost will be decided at the June 6 board meeting when members set tuition and academic fees. Those fees are dependent on the state budget, which has not been determined by state lawmakers.

For the 2008-09 academic year, residential rates will increase 6 percent for traditional and suite-style residence hall rooms and 4 percent for apartment-style living. Rates for a double room, suite style, will rise $115 to $2,005, while a double room, hall bath style, will increase $115 to $1,950. Students who chose single occupancy, suite style, will pay $230 more, or $4,010, and those in single occupancy, hall bath style, will pay $230 more, or $3,900. One- and two-bedroom apartment room fees will increase 4 percent to $2,960 and $3,370, respectively.

Board rates for student meal plans will increase 5 percent, or $55 more, to $1,120.

All Winthrop first- and second-year students who aren’t living with parents within 50 miles of campus live on campus. Students will have access to different types of living/learning communities and special programming created to be “progressively developmental” for traditional-age students. The housing policy is a key part of an educational plan designed by Winthrop to help students acclimate themselves to college while developing the inter-personal skills and judgment necessary to succeed in today’s world.

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