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Winthrop Formalizes Faculty/Student Exchange With University of Porto

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 One of Winthrop's fine arts students recently completed a month's residency at University of Porto's Academy of Fine Arts.

ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA — A faculty/student exchange agreement between Winthrop University and Portugal's University of Porto is now official.

Winthrop’s Acting President Debra Boyd and Fatima Marinho, vice president for cultural affairs and external relations at the University of Porto, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in May. The new agreement will involve exchange opportunities for students and faculty from both universities throughout the next five years.

One of Winthrop’s fine arts students recently did a month's residency at Porto's Academy of Fine Arts, said Clara Paulino, associate professor of interdisciplinary studies and director of Winthrop's individualized studies program. Paulino has worked on bringing the agreement to Winthrop for the past two years.

Marinho said the signed agreement is only the beginning. Marinho said Porto values student mobility as "the first step to share life experiences and research."

"We hope that a very strong cooperation in several scientific areas, humanities and social sciences will be a reality in a very near future,” she said. "I look forward to receiving Winthrop people in Porto and to sending University of Porto people to Winthrop."

The University of Porto has more than 30,000 students, 10 percent of whom hail from other countries. Seven Ivy League schools-including Columbia University, Harvard University and Dartmouth College-have similar agreements with Porto. Winthrop is now added to that list.

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