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Lifelong Learning Club Scholarship Continues to Support Indian Land High School Graduates at Winthrop

Quick Facts

 The annual restricted fund provides financial support for Winthrop students who are graduates of Indian Land High School in Indian Land, S.C.

ROCK HILL, S.C. -- The Sun City Lifelong Learning Club of Indian Land, S.C., believes that the pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. Through an annual fund, the club is sharing this passion for lifelong education with Winthrop students.

The Sun City Carolina Lakes Lifelong Learning Scholarship
for Indian Land High School Graduates Annual Restricted Fund provides financial support for Winthrop students who are graduates of Indian Land High School in Indian Land, S.C. This fund offsets the cost of textbooks and additional related learning materials.

Formed in 2006, the Lifelong Learning Club, one of many clubs in Sun City, works closely with a dedicated staff at Winthrop’s Division of Academic Affairs to bring an array of educational programs to the residents of Sun City. Each week, the club, which has approximately 1,200 members, offers one-hour programs on a wide variety of disciplines, including culture, art, history, natural and social sciences, music, literature, healthcare, and local and regional events. Winthrop faculty members across a broad range of disciplines present many of these informational programs.

Collaboration with Winthrop faculty has helped the club create a number of popular and memorable programs, according to Thomas Huber, president of the Lifelong Learning Club. This positive working relationship with the university, coupled with a growing membership, encouraged the club to establish the scholarship as a way to assist university students.

“Winthrop has an unbelievable faculty that is a big, big asset to our program,” said Huber, a five-year member of the club. He added that the scholarship offers a way both to give back to Winthrop and help current students who are graduates of Indian Land High School.

Contact the Office of Development at 803/323-2150 to find out more about making a gift to Winthrop.

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