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Student Body Elects Kambrell Garvin, Kaitlin Sapp as New CSL Leadership

Quick Facts

 Garvin, a sophomore political science major from Columbia, S.C., is the new president of Council of Student Leaders.
 Sophomore integrated marketing communication major Kaitlin Sapp of Salisbury, N.C., will serve as vice-president.

Kambrell Garvin
Kaitlin Sapp*

ROCK HILL, S.C. - At the first democratic election in 10 years, Winthrop students elected sophomores Kambrell Garvin and Kaitlin Sapp president and vice-president of the Council of Student Leaders.

Garvin, a political science major, will take on his new role as president – the position formerly known as "chair" – on July 1. He will replace fellow political science major Sydney Evans, a junior. Garvin, a native of Columbia, S.C., has been with CSL since fall 2009 as representative for Winthrop's NAACP student government representative. As president of CSL, Garvin will act as the student representative for Winthrop's Board of Trustees.

He plans to work with Sapp to address rising tuition costs by lobbying legislators in Columbia, evaluate the campus' parking situation and improve security conditions of campus parking lots. 

Garvin has volunteered with Project Rebound and the Boys and Girls Club of Rock Hill. The 2010 Winthrop peer mentor also is a member of Alpha Delta Lambda Academic Honor Society. He has served as a delegate for the National Pan-Hellenic Council and as associate justice for the All Greek Council Judicial Board. He elected to run for CSL president, he said, partly because of his "deep investment in campus organizations."

Leadership also runs in Garvin's family. His grandfather was the first African American elected to city council in Marion, S.C. – a seat his aunt now holds. His mother, Sonji, has been a big influence on him: When she discovered that Garvin, at age 5, had a speech impediment, she changed the course of her career and became a speech therapist so she could help her son.

"She wanted to make sure that speech wouldn't hinder me from accomplishing my goals," Garvin explained. "Because of what she did, what was a weakness of mine became a strength."

Sapp, a sophomore integrated marketing communication major from Salisbury, N.C., will move from her role as CSL secretary to vice-president on May 7. She has been involved with the council since January 2010. As vice-president, Sapp will work with the Student Allocations Committee funding. She serves on the Mass Comm Student-Advisory Board and on the Global Learning Initiative Promotions Committee.

Eight hundred and thirty-two Winthrop students cast their votes online in the election – a turnout of 18 percent.

*Photo courtesy of: Claire VanOstenbridge, The Johnsonian

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