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Timmons Brothers Bring Rock Trivia Show Back to Campus Oct. 2

Quick Facts

 Winthrop's John Timmons, assistant director of residence life, and his brother David have been interested in rock 'n' roll since childhood.
 The music trivia show, now in its third year, is free and open to the public.

Quick: Name three classic guitarists who were once members of The Yardbirds*.

Drawing a blank? Rock 'n' roll trivia buffs John "JT" Timmons, Winthrop's assistant director of residence life, and his brother David can help. John and David will host the popular Timmons Brothers’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Trivia Show on Oct. 2 at 8 p.m. in the DiGiorgio Campus Center Theatre. The free show is a lively mix of song clips through the decades, questions from categories such as Famous Duos and #1 Songs and skit stumpers like Name the Front Man.

The brothers have been rock ‘n’ roll buffs since their childhood years, when they frequented a local record shop in Ohio and bought used 45s from jukebox machines for 20 cents each. For hours John and David studied the store’s vast inventory of singles, read music-focused publications like Hit Parade and Rolling Stone and listened to rock 'n' roll on the radio. The Timmons brothers even formed a band called Razor’s Edge, although eventually they decided that they preferred the title "rock historians" to "rock stars."

John said he finds the "the shared common experience of rock ‘n’ roll music" fascinating.

"You play a song like Peter Frampton’s ‘Show Me the Way’ from 1976 and you feel a connection immediately with some members of the audience," said John, who also teaches a Winthrop honors course called “The Beatles: A Music and Popular Cultural Revolution."

For the past five years John and David have given rock 'n' roll lectures, and they have done presentations on "Beatlemania: The Rise of the Beatles," "Protest and Psychedelic: Music Takes a Serious Turn (1967-72)," "The British Invasion" and many more topics. They are the designated rock historians for Internet radio show John Talk Radio. The brothers introduced the trivia show three years ago as a "forum for people to hear clips from familiar songs and relive classic memories," explained John.

"As longtime rock ‘n’ roll music host Dick Clark would say, music takes you back to where you were, who you were with and what you were doing like no other media in a few seconds," said JohnDavid noted that he and John particularly enjoy watching as "the audience learns new fascinating pieces of information."

"We also enjoy hearing stories from the audience, so we learn new things as well," added David, who's working on a book about glam rock in the 1970s.

Fans of the trivia show like Michelle Mann, director of Health and Counseling Services at Winthrop, relish the opportunity to learn from the duo she's dubbed "the music trivia super sleuths."

"The show is one for all ages, and it really bridges the generation gap," said Mann. "Everyone leaves with a smile, melodies in their heads and new tidbits of trivia to share."

The Oct. 2 Timmons Brothers’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Show is part of Family Weekend 2010. The show is sponsored by the DiGiorgio Student Union Board. For more information about the show, contact John Timmons at 803/323-3512 or

*Answer: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page

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