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Book Signing Set for April 6 for Thomas Jefferson Activity Book

Quick Facts

 The authors and artist of “The Life and Times of Thomas Jefferson,” will hold a book signing at The Bookworm from 4:30-6:30 p.m. on April 6.
 The book provides historical and factual information and illustrations about Jefferson and his times.

Mark Dewalt

ROCK HILL, S.C. - “The Life and Times of Thomas Jefferson,” a newly published coloring and activity book written by a Winthrop University education professor and two graduate students, is an engaging way for elementary children to learn about the nation’s third president.
This is the second activity book by Professor Mark Dewalt, who came up with a similar book for Abraham Lincoln on the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birthday. Dewalt, art teacher Merrissa Ritch and graduate students Ginny Ramirez-Del Toro and Jennifer Darcy wrote and designed the 56-page book for first- through fourth-grade students.

The book provides historical and factual information about Jefferson, the United States and its liberation from England, Jefferson’s estate Monticello, geography and the University of Virginia, as well as plants, animals and inventions from Jefferson’s time period. It also includes vocabulary activities associated with Jefferson’s knowledge of seven languages, specifically Spanish, French and Latin. It is designed to be used a supplement to social studies, reading, mathematics and language curriculums.

The book contains illustrations from Jefferson’s life, crossword puzzles, word scramble, math word problems and Spanish cognates activity to help students of all reading levels comprehend the text. It also includes a draft of the Declaration of Independence that highlights the importance of a rough and final draft for writing skills and emphasizes the importance of a college education. An answer key is in the back for students to check their work, said Dewalt.

Ritch, a Lexington, S.C., native, holds an M.A.T. in art from Winthrop and now teaches art in the Fort Mill schools. Ramirez-Del Toro of Durham, N.C., will complete her master’s degree in education, concentrating on reading, in May. Darcy hails from Toccoa, Ga., and will graduate in May with a master’s plus 30 hours in school counseling.

The authors and artist of “The Life and Times of Thomas Jefferson,” will hold a book signing at The Bookworm from 4:30-6:30 p.m. on April 6.

Other books about American heroes are underway including the first African-American baseball player, Jackie Robinson, and the American Red Cross founder, Clara Barton.

For more information about the Jefferson book or to order the books in bulk, contact Dewalt at 803/323-2151.

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