Winthrop University: NEH Seminar - Schedule

NEH Seminar


Schedule of readings and activities - Sunday July 17 through Sunday July 31, 2016

Daily Schedule

Morning 9 a.m.- noon Speakers & discussion
Lunch Noon - 1 p.m. Lunch
Afternoon 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Site visits or research
Evening 4 p.m. on Free for research & activities

Week I

Multiple Modes of Making Sense: Commonplace Books & Scrapbooks

Date 7/18-22 Lecture/Discussion Afternoon/Evening
Sunday Arrive Asheville North Carolina Welcome dinner at Laughing Seed
Monday History & Theory
Co-directors will discuss predecessors and the CP Book
Tucker, Ott &Butler, The Scrapbook in American Life; and Richard Yeo's Notebooks as Memory Aids
Participants will make a commonplace book
Tuesday Speaker: Earle Havens
Earle Havens' Selections from Commonplace Books; Introduction, Meredith Eliassen's In the Hands of Children: A Photographic Essay of Images from Children's Scrapbooks
Heather South, Archivist
Western Regional Archives
Wednesday Speaker: Gene Hyde, Colin Reeve
Special Collections, Ramsey Library UNCA Asheville: Appalachian Culture Readings Sarah McNair Vosmeier's Picturing Love and Friendship: Photograph Albums & Networks of Affection in the 1860's
Thursday Speaker: Susan Tucker
Readings: Susan Tucker's Telling Particular Stories: Two African American Memory Books and Ellen G. Garvey's Writing with Scissors: Intro, Ch. 1, 2, 6 and Anne Higonnet Secluded Visions
Friday Collecting, Organizing& Display
Documenting--travel, ledgers, remedies, recipes, community. Readings: Elizabeth E. Siegel's "Miss Domestic" and "Miss Enterprise" or How to Keep a Photograph Album
Research topic discussions with Co-Directors
Saturday & Sunday research and/or excursions  

Week II

Shaping Experience and Community in Asheville

Date 7/25-30 Lecture/Discussion Afternoon/Evening Activities
Monday Asheville Cultural Community
Liston B. Ramsey Center for Regional Studies
Southern Appalachian Archives, Mars Hill Univ.
Biltmore or Carl Sandburg Home
Tuesday Tour Black Mountain College Museum & Thomas Wolfe House Research
Wednesday Asheville Health CommunitySpeaker Katherine Ott
Curator Science & Medicine Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
Librarian Zoe Rhine, Pack Mem. Library & Grove Park Inn
Thursday The Commonplace Book Goes Digital
Blogs, Zines, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Readings: K.D. Good's From Scrapbook to Facebook in A History of Personal Media Assemblage and Archives. Bob Whipple, 5 Images, The Commonplace Book, & Digital Self-Fashioning.
Friday Individual discussion of research projects with co-directors. Research & Dinner together at Zambra
Saturday Presentations by participants on research topics  
Sunday Depart Asheville, North Carolina  

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