Winthrop University: NEH Seminar - Readings

NEH Seminar



  • Garvey, E. G. (2013). Writing with Scissors: American scrapbooks from the Civil War to the Harlem Renaissance. Oxford: Oxford University Press. select a chapter?
  • Good, K. D. (2013). From scrapbook to Facebook: A history of personal media assemblage and archives. New Media & Society 15, no. 4: 557-573.
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  • Martin, A. S. Bard Graduate Center - American Material Culture: Nineteenth-Century New York. 
  • McLeod (Series Ed.), Perspectives on Writing. Retrieved from (pdf - 136.67 KB).
  • Trevilian, T. (1608). The Trevelyon miscellany of 1608: A facsimile of Folger Shakespeare Library MS V.b.232/edited by Heather Wolfe. Washington, D.C.: Folger Shakespeare Library, distributed by Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2007.
  • Tucker, S., Ott, K. Buckler, P., Eds. (2006). The scrapbook in American life. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Selected articles for discussion see schedule.
  • Wegner, D. (2011). How the web affects memory.
  • Whipple.  B. (2011). 5 Image, The commonplace book and digital self-fashioning. In S. H.
  • Yeo, R. (2008).  Notebooks as Memory Aids: Precepts and Practices in Early Modern England. In Memory Studies, 1(1), 115-136.

Additional Readings

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