Manage your loans

If you have a student loan, you need to calculate how much it will take to cover your monthly payments while meeting other financial obligations. This resource helps you determine a repayment plan by weighing the options and explaining payment schedules/choices. Also, look at "Repaying Your Federal Student Loan" (

Interest Calculator

  • Number of Payments
  • Interest Rate
  • Principal
  • Monthly Payments

The Project on Student Debt (Institute for College Access & Success)

This project identifies cost-effective solutions that expand educational opportunities, protects family financial security, and advances economic competitiveness given that loans play a critical role in making college possible.

Hard Times, College Majors, Unemployment and Earnings 2013: Not All College Degrees Are Created Equal

This article explores some of the factors that current and future college students should consider because of the unemployment rate and recent economic challenges.

For more information on this and other financial topics see the GradSense website.