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Veronique Moses 1
Name: Veronique Moses
Residence: Raleigh, North Carolina
Occupation: Program Director, IBM Watson Health, Consulting Services

Veronique Moses 1Veronique Moses 2

“Don’t limit yourself.”

For Veronique Moses ’96, program director for IBM Watson Health, that’s more than just an inspirational soundbite – it’s a lifestyle. In late August, Moses shared her personal experiences in the male-dominated field of computer engineering at a North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences STEM opportunity fair for minority students.

Moses, who has worked for IBM for more than 20 years, said that she urges young women—particularly minority women—to be aware of challenges they may face in STEM fields but to avoid labeling themselves as “outsiders.”

“Computer engineering is still largely a male-dominated field, and there have been times when I've hit a ceiling and had to figure out how to navigate around that – how to reinvent myself,” said Moses. “But if you have any type of long-term career, you’re going to face challenges.”

Moses said that she seeks out opportunities to recruit young talent and makes a conscious effort to hire people who come from diverse backgrounds. Moses noted that she encourages women interested in STEM careers to build and nurture relationships – not just with other women but with all potential mentors.

“Don’t isolate yourself by trying to build a network of people who only look like you. That’s what women in STEM have to learn and learn early,” said Moses, adding that many of her career mentors have been male. The Mayesville, South Carolina, native said she encourages high school students from all backgrounds to stay open-minded about their talents as well and combine all of their strengths to find a fulfilling career in STEM. In fact, Moses, a documentary photographer and poet, has used her creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills to succeed in her career.

Moses, who earned her B.S. in computer science at Winthrop and her M.S. in computer science at North Carolina State University, credits her positive experiences within the Department of Computer Science and Quantitative Methods with providing her the confidence necessary to achieve success in a male-dominated field.

“When I went to Winthrop, I never thought about minority percentages, and I never remember thinking of myself as some outsider or as a number,” said Moses. “Having those extra touches of one-on-one mentoring and coaching from my professors in a difficult field helped me build my confidence enough to start a career with a huge corporation of nearly 400,000 people.”

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