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Sam Campeau
Name: Sam Campeau
Residence: Kathmandu, Nepal
Degree: Broadcasting
Occupation: Year 5 Teacher, British School of Kathmandu

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Beirut, New Zealand, Borneo, Sweden, Lebanon, Qatar, Bali – name a country and Sam Campeau ’01 has probably taught there.

Campeau, a teacher at the British School of Kathmandu in Nepal, wants fellow educators to realize that their degrees can open up a world of travel opportunities. In fact, the accomplished world traveler is writing a book, “See the World on a Teaching Certificate,” that will serve as a comprehensive how-to guide to help experienced and new teachers “get their pedagogical show on the road.”

The Summerville, South Carolina, native said he loves the benefits of international teaching, which gives him the means and opportunity to keep adding stamps to his well-worn passport. He has backpacked through Southeast Asia numerous times, visited most of the major cities and sites in China, cycled around Scandinavia and “tiki-toured” New Zealand’s North Island.

Campeau, however, noted that teaching abroad is not without its challenges, including a lack of basic conveniences—variety of produce, hygienic food, drinkable water—as well as more subtle cultural differences, including language barriers. He also contends with local wildlife, like the giant spiders and feral cats that routinely sneak into his home. But he chalks it all up to learning experience.

“No education is wasted. Whether you seek out learning through a great institution like Winthrop, or just hit the road and see the world, you’ll lead a richer life,” said Campeau.

In reality, Campeau had no plans to become a teacher, though he always knew he wanted to explore the world. He earned a B.A. in broadcasting with a minor in history at Winthrop. After a brief gig at a Charlotte, North Carolina, TV station, he realized his heart wasn’t in TV journalism. Years later, he settled on teaching – a perfect fit for his desire to be a reporter and artist and writer.

“What Winthrop did prepare me for was life. The value of a liberal arts education, whether you do journalism, art, or even philosophy, is you learn how to think and reason and solve problems,” said Campeau.

Contact Campeau at for more information about “See the World on a Teaching Certificate.”

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