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Name: Eric Smith '17
Residence: Summerville, South Carolina
Minor: Economics


Eric Smith’s passport already reveals his travels to Australia, the United Kingdom and parts of the European Union. But the Winthrop University senior isn’t finished stamping his passport just yet.

Smith, a recent business administration and economics graduate who calls Summerville home, plans to pursue his M.B.A. at Winthrop in international business and resume traveling.

“I plan to use my degree and diversity of connections made in the Rock Hill/Charlotte area to begin a career in international affairs for a multi-national corporation,” he said. “Having already traveled…I plan to explore the rest of the world with an organization that promotes economically sound foreign affairs.”

Smith chose Winthrop because of the diverse student body, faculty and available programs, including the scholarship opportunities.

“Winthrop allowed me to use my Palmetto Fellows Scholarship to cover my entire tuition, which proves they take great pride in their students for their hard work in high school,” he said. “This allows me to stress less on affording college and to focus more on my education.”

He also appreciated the student to teacher ratio in the classroom.

“Winthrop’s student body size is perfect for better individualized education, allowing for better connections with classmates and professors,” Smith said.

Smith definitely takes advantage of extracurricular opportunities. He has played intramural soccer, joined the Investment Club and tutored economics for the Academic Success Center. In spring 2015, he studied abroad at Kingston University in Kingston Upon Thames in England.

His Study Abroad experience taught him that all people from all countries stereotype each other, but that it shouldn’t stop them from learning and embracing a culture different from their own. He enjoyed meaningful discussions with students from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Hong Kong, Romania and Mauritius, just to name a few.

“Conversing with a multitude of people with various cultures allowed me to learn about their cultures, as well as them being able to learn about my culture,” he said. “This took away the negative stereotype blanket that sometimes falls on certain countries and their cultures. The one big thing I took from my Study Abroad experience is that cultures from around the world are always evolving. It's best to experience a wide range of them to become more informed and hopefully more involved in the vast world we live in today.”

He spent a week in New York City exploring Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and more with the Financial Markets Seminar class. More recently, he completed an internship as a trade control analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He graduated in May 2017.

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